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Challenger 1 – The American School in London

By Tall Ships - March 22nd, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Today was very hot…… naht!

We consumethed some lovely grub throughout the day. Isaac and Gray had some sausages, but we ate them anyway. Cameron did the washing up for the first time in his life. It was difficult but we are so so proud of him.

Also we went sailing. We were good but also bad at sailing, we pretended that we were pirates singing shanties. Gray mustered up immense courage to send a message in a bottle to his betrothed.

Cameron also lost his wallet 2 minutes into the trip. He can go home whenever he wants.

All in all, it was a great day, full of ups and downs (like the waves we conquered).

We continue on.

Day Two

Wagwan Blog,

Started off the day with a cheeeeeeky bacon butie sesh. Port Watch then proceeded to hop on a shower sesh while Starboard did the washing up sesh. Challenger 1 had to load up so we motored down to Cowes. Challenger 1 spent nearly a grand and a half on gasoline and filled up gasoline very slow and took bare time, like an hour or somin’.

The bois were able to head out at about eleven. Yankee was a successful pulling out. The main sail was quite a close call but still worked it took quite a while. The main sail was quite the big one, I would say the it is the biggest I’ve ever sea-n. The mandem did some tacs and sailed around until reaching the English channel. We worked very well as a team once we put all 3 sails up on this bad boi. We got roasted for our enthusiasm as it was unsatisfactory yesterday but today is a new day. We did our first jibe turn yesterday as well. After that we anchored in a cheeky bay where we feasted on some SAAAAAAUCY pasta. Mans tried to pull out some recees to munch on when sailing but got absolutely flamed by Sam-i-am who doesn’t like green eggs and ham. We had an intense sailing race hahahaha. It started getting dark so we used the motor and navigated through the illuminated bouyes.

See you men in a bit init,


Port Watch gang

Day Three


Today was cold…naht. But it was naht hot. We gathered around the table for a serious chat about our enthusiasm levels The words “gentle-paced” and the “most relaxed crew every” were thrown about. Deeply hurt, we as a crew came together and decided to go hard in the paint!!

This did not last long. We soon went back to our lethargic ways. Then it was lunch. . We performed the longest and most thorough washing up job the crew had ever seen, but we still got yelled at. We can’t win smh. Oh yes, we also sailed, but really really gently. The current was horribly slow. We were told that even it moved faster than us. Harsh, but fair.

All 11 of us went down to make tea.For some reason our “mate” was not happy with this. We now have to ask to go to the bathroom. We placed our most accomplished driver, Tiiiiiiiim!, at the helm.

For dinner we cheffed up some mighty fine chicken curry. Now we find ourelves j chilling watching the radar and tings while Facebook vids play in the background. Well, the Dram is kicking in so time to hit the hay. Nite fammmm. Safe one donz.

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