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Challenger 1 – St Michael’s School

By Tall Ships - June 21st, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Today was the first day of our journey.  We arrived at school like normal, except we met the crew in munch box and played some ice-breaking games to get to know each other. We eventually got in the minibus with all of our luggage and drove away to Portsmouth. it was so fun! After what felt like a three hour drive, we arrived in Portsmouth and dragged all of our heavy luggage to the tall ships boat.

We got an hour of free time in Gunwharf quays to go shopping and get food. It was so fun to be able to go shopping and eat wonderful Nando’s food!

When we got back to the boat, the Queen Elizabeth and the only aircraft carrier in the UK drove past where we were getting on. It was HUGE. Finally, we got on the boat, prepped it and sailed to Sandown in the Isle of Wight.

When we arrived in Sandown Bay, Mike’s group had to prep dinner which was, Sam, Jay, Izzy, Mia and Libby. Sam’s cooking ability was UN-REAL! And Jays stirring ability was fabulous.

We ate our dinner which tasted so amazing and here we are now, writing this blog. What a day!

By Sam & Jay

Day Two

Today was our second day!

We woke up really early (at 6am) to prepare our boat to sail across the Channel. It took ten hours to cross the Channel to France. While we were crossing the Channel, we saw dolphins, a lot of people were a bit ill from all the rocking of the boat. We were able to help each other by working in teams to hoist the sails.

When we were approaching the coast of France and we saw Cherbourg and it was a relief as off the boat because we had been on-board for a very long time. When we arrived in France we berthed everyone wanted to get off the boat and put away the sails. We started making dinner and then went into Cherbourg, had a look around and bought some French goodies before heading back to eat dinner (a beautiful chilli). Then a shower before heading to bed.

By Charlie & Harry

Day Three

Today, we woke up to a lovely morning in France. We had croissants for breakfast from the local patisserie, then got ready for our day! We had a look round some shops where we brought some gifts for some of our family, and some French food and some of us practised our French, before we started our walk to the beach. When we were at the beach, most of us went for a swim and the water was freezing. We stayed at the beach for a few hours, when it was time to go home we realised that it would take a while to walk back to the marina, so we caught a bus back. When we got back, half the group headed off for a shower whilst the other half cooked dinner of bangers and mash with cooked carrots.

By Izzy and Mia.

P.S  Happy birthday dad, hope you had the best day

From Mia and Lola

Day Four

We woke up in France to beautiful sunshine that lasted all day. Today we had an early wake up (6.00) as we headed out into the great unknown, all three sails were pulled out. Sonny and Izzy helped to make bacon rolls for everyone. While France suddenly began to become unnoticeable our boat was leaned at a 30 degree angle sailing with only the waves and the wind. When we started tacking the boat started to lean, we were able to stand at an angle and almost climb on the walls of the boat, and it was fun. It was fun trying to cook as the stove was swinging and things slid across the table whenever we turned the boat. We sailed past the Needles at the end of the Isle of Wight and the famous Needles Lighthouse.
At Cowes, we walked through the streets and skimmed stones at the beach.

By Lola, Megan and Izzy

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