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Day One

We arrived at the boat and had our life jackets and safety checks at 2:30. Then we had biscuits and drinks in the galley the crew members introduced themselves saying their names Sam, Paul, Andrew and Paul. At that time it was 4:30 and we left Gunwharf quay over to Isle of Wight. We then walked around to Cowes and went on the pebbly beach and we walked on all of the walls. We then had food it was good we had fajitas, the veggie people didn’t have meat. Then everyone had a shower and then skittles started telling everyone to put away the cards because it was late and now were doing this because we can.

By Jasper, Lauren and Autumn bye..

Day Two

We woke up to a beautiful morning in Alderney, first the harbour master came to collect his money for our stay and then the taxi man picked us up and took us into shore on his speedboat! Then we splashed around in the freezing cold sea and did flips off the sand dunes. We went back to the showers to wash off all the sand. The taxi picked us up and brought us back in two groups. Lunch was then prepared and we all enjoyed it very much. Then we set assail for a 4 hour trip to Guernsey which was very fun and quite cold. As we got closer to Guernsey it got very foggy. The highlight of the trip was seeing the amazing creatures which are the dolphins. Autumn Heather and Antonia grabbed there cameras to get some memorable pictures! As we packed away and tied up for the night everyone started to settle down till we had dinner which was really good! Then it was time to clear up and have showers. We then played some games and then it was off to bed.

By Aidan, Autumn, Antonia and George​

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