Challenger 1 – St John Ambulance Cambridgeshire Cadets

By Kate Stewart - April 14th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 1 this week, we have a group from St John Ambulance Cambridgeshire Cadets.

Check out their blog to learn more.

We got a lie-in today as the weather was so bad we couldn’t sail! Instead, we had a competition against one of the other Challengers, we had a man overboard workshop, had a navigation lesson, went to get ice cream from Toot’s Sweet Shop and did a little bit of shopping. We also had a baking competition between our two teams, Kings and Queens, and The Labradors. Kings and Queens made sausage and mash for dinner.

The competition was really fun! To win the competition, we had to show teamwork, leadership, speed, rope skills and most importantly patience. Unfortunately, to our best efforts we were not as fast as the other team and lost, although still using very good teamwork and leadership. We were a well put together group and knew what we had to do and what we were assigned to do. Also, some of us stepped up when others were out of the game.

After the man overboard workshop, two people from our crew (Alana and Amelia), lead the workshop on another Challenger. It was fun for them, as they got to make new friends and got to know other people

While they were running the activity, everyone else was lead in a workshop by our Skipper, Jim, about navigation, learning about north, south, east, west and how to navigate where you are how many nautical miles it is to the place you want to be.

In the pouring rain, we walked up to the lifeboats and lifeguards (who are all volunteers) and got a tour around the building, including being able to sit in their lifeboat. We also got taught about what they do, how they do it and what the standards are to be a lifeguard

Even when it was pouring it down, we still walked to Toot’s Sweet Shop and got ice-cream boat’s. After that, some of us went shopping and spent all our money on sweets and beef jerky.

All around, we had an amazing day! Everyone was so lovely to each other, which was rewarded with mini eggs and we finished the day with bangers and mash as well as making a Tik Tok for the SJA Cambridgeshire Youth account.

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