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By Tall Ships - August 14th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Arrive on the boat

Sail on boat







Somebody talking about JT

JT is board now

JT found out that the beds are comfy

Ashan loves his comb

JT has cold feet

Ashan says boi

Ashan is doing an awkward dance

Scott is laughing a lot

Shady (aka; SHAYLA) is crazily rocking the boat style

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy dinner cooked by shady and jt’s group (aka THE BEST)

SHADY does the everyday I’m floss-flossing floss

#boat life/awesome rockin day

Alfie doesn’t know how to shut the door

JT wants to climb the mast NOW

Scott just realised its dark

JT can’t wait for a fun packed day tomorrow
it’s gone quite that’s not a good sign

Alfie trying to use his brain

Alfie loves pokemon

I hope you all havin a good time especially starboard watch JT and shaydys group

Blog finished bye

Starboard watch – JT, Shady, Scott, & Toby

Day Two

So today we have done; setting up the sails, untying the fenders, learning the stopper knot, learning how to steer, learning how to put away the sails. We were at the Isle of Wight and then we sailed to Poole and arrived there around five or half five. We had cereal and toast for breakfast, pasty and beans for lunch and fish and chips for dinner. Everyone had a really good time. The sun had come out around noon and everyone was warming up slowly and the waves got bigger and some people found it fun. Some people played Uno and some learnt how to play Uno while playing. The port side went to the showers first and they were amazing male and female. Some of the girls did a mirror selfie and then they all left together. We also saw a motorcycle event and they all looked cool and dope.

Port watch – Ashan, C C, Alfie, Leah & Libby

Day Three

HIII everyone,

Today we had lots of fun

First, we had breakfast and Ashan and Libby tried marmite for the first time and Libby hated it whilst Ashan loved it. The next thing we had done was get ready for sailing. we got the Yankee sail out of the bag to get them ready to put up later, after that we climbed up the mast (more like being hoisted up the mast) Libby got to the top. After we climbed up the mast, we got ready to sail out of Yarmouth for the day and we put up the main and Yankee sail and sailed just outside Portsmouth to then have dinner which was spaghetti. We then had some free time up on deck. After that, we had a night sail and we had loads of fun. Shady and Phoebe went first, followed by Tobie and JT, then Leah and Libby, followed, after them was Ashan and Alfie then Scott and CC, all of us did really well. Oh and Ashan has now become addicted to cleaning and won’t stop fixing things or even stop working.

Port watch

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