Challenger 1 – South Coast Adventure Plymouth to Portsmouth

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Day Three

Today we sailed from Poole to Portsmouth, on the way we went through some of the finer points of sailing in order to accomplish our RYA Competent Crew certification. We looked at Buoyage, including lane markers and Cardinal Buoys. We also talked about emergency MOB procedure, carried out a mock MOB scenario, and learned about the flare kit, as well as the helicopter lift-off procedure. As we came through the Solent and passed Cowes, we sailed straight through the start of a regatta! The day was rounded off just off of Portsmouth with a chat about Emergency radio calls, and multiple Gybes and Tacks. As we came into Gunwharf keys we had the pleasure of seeing HMS QE2 and HMS Victory. The port watch cooked a Beef casserole for supper, and we received a congratulatory speech from the Skipper.


Day Two

Today we work up at 7.00 in order to organise breakfast and prep the deck. The crew worked successfully under the leadership of Pete, Jim, Dara, Ed and Mike as the two watches spilt in order to perform tasks. The weather was sunny and dry, this meant that there was no wind to get the sails up when we were traveling towards our next destination, Weymouth. The lack of sailing meant that we had time to practice tying knots and the MOB drill. The MOB drill was highly educational as we all witnessed the roles that must be performed in order to safely rescue ‘BOB’. We had a great lunch of Cornish pasty however some of the crew were busy projectile vomiting over the low side of the boat. After a few seasickness tablets dinner was a much more pleasant experience.


Day One

We all arrived at Plymouth at 13:00, where we all met for the first time. Some people knew each other, either from another voyage or the same area. Travelling to the boat having conversations with watch leaders and the other crew. When arriving to the boat (Challenger 1) we got given a tour and showed family and friends the boat too. After that we introduced ourselves and became a crew for the few days ahead.  We got in watches (Port and Starboard) and went on another tour which was more in depth to learn more about the boat. After learning about the boat and getting to know the others we all got ready for dinner which was chicken curry, which was very delicious! After dinner we played a few card games and was very competitive!! This is a great way getting to know the crew and having lots of fun.


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