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Day 5

Entry Four

Hi! It’s us again.

Today we had a very special breakfast. BACON.

After breakfast we prepared for our next challenge, climbing the 30m mast. All of us made it back to the deck safely (unbelievable, right?) except for Harry… We finally realised that his name is Harry… as in Harry Potter. When we saw him climbing the mast we all immediately shouted “You’re a wizard Harry!” To which Harry responded “I’m a what?” After which we replied “A WIZARD!” as he turned his head away in disappointment and embarrassment as he knew all of England could hear.

After everybody had a turn we headed out to town. We strolled around Cowes and grabbed some ice cream, because Tall Ships are all about ice cream (as said by Mr. Wagner). When we got back, we prepared the boat and started sailing. After practicing the cup song a couple times Harry had consumed his second cookie (not a biscuit) without sharing with anybody and had showed us the handcuff knot. But there was one catch… he didn’t show or tell us how to do it. So for the next 3 hours he was very entertained watching our blood boil over figuring out the knot.

Some of us then headed below deck to prepare dinner- curry. After 2 hours of chopping, cooking and baking we finally had our meal and were shown how to do the knot. Then, we got to do some night sailing, which was really fun and exciting. This is our last day of Tall Ships and we’re going to miss you all, Bye!

By Julia, Janka and Grace

Day 4

Entry Three

Our day started off with an early morning wakeup. We quickly ate breakfast and rapidly got the boat ready to sail.  During most of the boat ride there was a lot of people napping, a lot of cookies eaten and a lot of songs performed by the year nine girls (Julia, Janka and Grace).  Our lunch consisted of a delicious meal of tortellini, meat, tomato sauce and cheese made by the starboard group.  After lunch we anchored by Cowes on the Isle of Wight to watch an incredible jet show performed by the Red Arrows and sorted out the sail storage compartment below deck.  Afterwards we motored our way into the Cowes dock.  After preparing and eating a large meal of sausages, carrots, mashed potatoes and onion gravy we quickly cleaned up the kitchen.  At around 9:00 pm we got ready to shower and head to bed. It might look like we did not do much today but it sure was tiring.

Signing Off,

Riverside School, Prague

(Logan, Hannah, Eva)

Day 3

Entry Two

We woke up early Tuesday morning, because of our early rising cook, Hannah.  We ate a hardy breakfast of cereal and toast.  Setting up the boat was more difficult, because we had to try and figure it out without the experienced sailors.  Yet soon enough we got sailing.  We left Yarmouth at around 10:00 am hoping to arrive at our destination (Weymouth) at 4:00 pm.

Once we got out into the open, deeper section of the English Channel, the waves increased in size and choppiness.  Around a third of the way into the journey the majority of kids were feeling queasy.  Hannah in particular, because of her many consumed cookies and Chocolate cereal.  Logan was asked earlier to close the small windows in the bedrooms.  But because of the challenging clips that held the windows closed, he did not shut one all the way.  (It happened to be the one above Mr Akhurst’s bed).  After roughly ten minutes of feeling ill, Hannah emptied her stomach of partially digested cookies and cereal.  After washing the deck off with water we assumed that the mess had been successfully cleaned.  But we thought wrong.  Captain Paul went below to retrieve something, when he smelled and noticed the wet bed of Mr Akhurst.  The vomit had leaked through the open window!  That was placed on our after-we-dock-to-do-list.

Four hours later after long, hard sailing we docked at Weymouth harbour.  We packed up the boat and immediately walked into the small town to buy a tacky, goofy item, which is under two pounds, for a friendly competition.  The winner was the Port Watch team! (Logan, Eva and Hannah) both the teams performed very well. The first team had the best overall performance but the second team had the best product.

Signing off,

Riverside School, Prague

(Logan, Hannah, Eva)

Day 1

Entry One

Hi! This is the Riverside Tall Ships international sailing team. Welcome to our blog.

We started our adventure on Sunday, at 10:15am at the Prague Airport. After a one and a half hour plane ride we grabbed some lunch at M&S and hopped onto a train to Portsmouth. After 2 hours of telling stupid jokes on the train, we met our crew. We ate dinner in an Italian restaurant and returned back to the boat for our first training session. We got settled in our bunks and got sent to sleep by the calming sounds of the ocean…

By Julia, Grace & Janka

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