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By Kate Stewart - May 31st, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

It’s been great to welcome a group from Portsmouth Virtual School onboard Challenger 1 this week!

Check out their blog to find out what they got up to throughout the four-night half term adventure!

Day 1

Wednesday 31

At 13:00, we arrived at the meeting point at Gunwharf Quays Marina. Once everyone had arrived, we all checked in and started walking to the boat with all of our luggage.

As a group, we all helped each other unpack, to develop our teamwork skills. We then had a brief talk about the boat, rules and guidelines we had to follow to ensure the safety of ourselves and others.

In addition to this, we were also shown how to put on our life jackets as well as being told about the safety harness, yet it was not mandatory to attach ourselves to the silver jackstay at all times, only when we are told to, or we would like to. After this, we were then able to set sail and learnt about the ropes and how to properly use them.

Once we had set sail, we hoisted the sails and took part in a competition between our two groups (which portside won!!!!!!!!). After an hour or so, we docked in Cowes and all helped park the boat. Once we were in Cowes, Portside group all helped each other to cook a meal for the crew. We ate spaghetti bolognaise, which was delicious!!!!!!!!!

Starboard watch had to clean the remaining dishes, Yippee!!!!!!!! (but it will be our turn tomorrow).

By Port watch: Bria, Kirsty, Archie, Nathan, Chloe and Ann-Marie.​

Day 2

Thursday 1

A day of adventures in Cowes with UKSA!

This is the Starboard watch, and here is our blog for today. In our first hours of the morning, we had a nice breakfast and shower. Max and Finn then picked us up in their ribs to go sailing, which we really enjoyed.

After we had done this, we went to the UKSA building where we learnt how to paddleboard. We played loads of games such as: Sharky Sharky, which is bulldog in disguise, the board run. Then it took us 15 minutes (more like 12 years) for the girls to get ready to go back to the ship. We then had about 25 minutes of chill time before we went to the shop and bought some goodies.

Later in the day, we went to learn how to sail ourselves, and we had so much fun. The instructor that was teaching us taught us how to steer the boat and to put the sail up so the wind brushes the boat along. Later, we had another shower and then a lovely meal, fish and chips, which we cooked.

We then had some more goodies and went to bed at 22:00.

By the Starboard team: Fidel, Mohammed, Mustafa, Shakira and Dolly.

Day 3

Friday 2

At 07:00 we woke up and proceeded to get dressed or showered so we didn’t stink. After a quick breaky at 08:00, it was time for us to evacuate and escape Cowes and move on to Yarmouth.

We worked together to make the dream team and sail the seas. We arrived at our destination and had SAUSAGE AND MASH, how scrumptious and delectable!

Day 4

Saturday 3

Today we woke up at 07:00 in Yarmouth, we attempted to make pancakes, which did not go so well. After our breakfast, we prepared the sails. We then had showers and got ready for our venture back to Gunwharf Quays.

Four members of the team had prepared for tacking. One person was baking a wonderful cake, which turned out to taste like bleach. By lunchtime, we were tacking our way to Portsmouth and our great crew made some amazing Carbonara. We then continued forward.

In the evening, we were almost there. People were preparing dinner (jacket potatoes) and still tacking. Someone decided to drop a fender into the water and set us back a whole 10 minutes.

We then retrieved the fender and continued our voyage back home. We got into port at around 18:00 and our dinner had been made. We sat down and had a delicious dinner and had a lovely chat all together. The pudding was another story to tell…

Day 5

Sunday 4

Today is the day we are leaving. We began at  07:00 with Steve’s wake up music and had bacon rolls for breakfast. We then began the clean up chores, including top and bottom of the boat, cleaning the deck and downstairs, including the heads (toilets) and other parts.

Once we are finished, we will be having a end of voyage ceremony with certificates, and saying goodbye to Challenger 1.

It has been an incredible five days full of adventure and full of the unexpected, but I think that’s what made it even better. For example, we loved the paddleboarding.

Myself and Fidel who sit here writing this, will be very sad to leave the ship and would like to thank everyone onboard who has made this trip so enjoyable.

For the last time over and out xxx

By Shakira, Fidel, Bria, Nathan, Archie, Mohammed, Mustafa, Kirsty, Dolly and Chloe.

(P.S. I think Steve should really climb up that mast.)

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