Challenger 1 – Ormiston Bushfield Academy

By Kate Stewart - June 22nd, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This week onboard Challenger 1, we have a group of students from Ormiston Bushfield Academy in Peterborough, joining us for a four-night voyage.

This voyage is in partnership with Cross Keys Homes.

Day 1

Monday 19

We got on a coach, which got delayed and then we got on another coach which took us to the right place!

When we set sail, it was very fun and we helped do all the activities and made food. Then, some people steered the boat which was really good.

Then we ate and went to the showers and then back!

Overall it’s been a 10 out of 10 day.

By Ben and Reece.

Day 2

Tuesday 20

First, we got the boat ready with the fenders and the sails. We climbed the mast and went into the town centre for forty minutes and came back to the boat.

Once we started sailing, we had to hoist the sail and when we started we tilted to the left, then we switched over to the right. It was quite a scary experience and a lot of us got soaked. We all took turns steering the boat.

Once we anchored, we all started feeling more relaxed. Then, we cooked dinner and cleaned up the boat. Once everything was tidy and dinner was ready, we all sat down and ate dinner.

By Nichole and Aimee.

Day 3

Wednesday 21

We woke up very early today to do the anchor watch. I stayed up between 02:30 and 5:30 with the watch squad. Whilst we were down there, we spotted some dolphins through the water. They swam around for a bit until the sun rose.

We prepared the deck and had some breakfast. We brought the anchor up and sailed around the rocks. We saw some more dolphins swim against the boat for a while, but they disappeared as well.

A bit later, we ran into some fog and we had to look out for other boats/lobster pots/buoys. Soon after, the fog cleared and we made our way to Weymouth. We did a “Bob overboard” test and had to rescue the Bob the fender.

When we got into Weymouth, we put the sails down and got ready for the beach. We swam around and creeped up to the boys but they noticed us, so we had to retreat. We got ice-cream after and that was our day.

By Nicole and Olivia.

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