Challenger 1 – New Year’s Eve voyage

By Kate Stewart - January 3rd, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

A group of individuals aged 16-25 joined us onboard Challenger 1 for a New Year’s Eve voyage.

Check out their blog to see what they got up to throughout the week.

Day 1

Thursday 29

We arrived, met each other and were shown our living quarters for the next few days. We then rigged and set the sails for Cowes.

En route, we had the opportunity to steer and get to know our vessel. The sunset was stunning as the moon went into the first quarter of its phase.

Upon arrival, we broke off into our watch groups and prepared dinner, which was spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread.

We engaged in an evening of competitive card games to strengthen our team bond, then it was sleep time.

Favourite learning moment: Someone finally discovering the truth behind cards – that there are only four of each number in a pack. 😮 ​

Day 2

Friday 30

We awoke and dined. We had cereal for breakfast.

The weather was not up to scratch, so we had a navigation lesson followed by tide calculations.

For lunch we enjoyed pasties and beans, then we braved the winds and set sail in A FORCE 8 GUSTING 9!!!! We practiced tacking, gybing and a man overboard drill.

Returning safely to the marina, dinner was underway. Fajitas were served to all in silence – they say that for a chef ‘no noise is good noise’.

A spirited game of spoons took place with a rather fruity forfeit (Peppa Pig yoghurt pots). We then took upon us the greatest reflection of our first two days in this blog.

Then it was sleep time once more.

Favourite learning moment: Someone discovers the meaning of a pasty, but fails to experience its wonders.​

Day 3

Saturday 31 (New Year's Eve)

We woke up and had a glorious and triumphant breakfast ready for a hard day of sailing, but unfortunately the weather was too mighty for our inexperienced crew.

Lessons were now underway – explanations of buoyage, flares, points of sail and many more.

Then, we had an inter-watch baking competition… Ready… Set… Bake!

Starboard: Rocky Road vs. Port: brownie. Results to follow…

Then was time to settle for Pirates of the Caribbean – a fitting film while learning the new skill of whipping.

It was then dinner time – a tasteful curry. Then for a homemade treat – the competition results.

After the brownies baked in the oven for four hours and the rocky road cooled for four hours, one winner was clear – Starboard watch’s Rocky Road.

Then the night led to murderous Monopoly, treacherous UNO and an extravagant fireworks display as the clock struck midnight.

Then it was sleep time.

Favourite learning moment:  Four hours is not long enough for brownies to bake on a yacht​

Day 4

Sunday 1 (New Year's Day)

After a reluctant start caused by the shenanigans of the night before, we awoke to crumpets.

New skills were close on the horizon: flaking sails, slipping the lines and reefing. Then it was go time!

A Mainsail hoist was on the agenda after all the lines and fenders were in.

Following a successful hoist after some questionable sweating, we were underway. It was then off to Southampton!

On the way, Kenny the buoy decided to take another dip, this time the crew was prepped and a flawless recovery was executed.

After dropping the Mainsail, into Portsmouth it was.

After derigging the sails and bangers and mash for dinner, we enjoyed our last night onboard.

Favourite learning moment: The staff do not have their own ensuites onboard.

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