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Challenger 1 – Nene Park Academy

By Kate Stewart - July 6th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 1 this week, we have a group from Nene Park Academy in Peterborough.

This four-night voyage has been supported by Cross Keys Homes.

Read their blog to find out more! ?

Day 1

Monday 4

So, we arrived at around 13:00 and started our introductions. We were told what we were going to be doing, all the safety measures and where all the facilities are. We put on our life-jackets and then we set sail!

Afterwards, we did different jobs around the boat, such as pulling ropes to get the sails up and putting away the fodders. We split into teams, Starboard watch and Port watch. Starboard watch was in charge of cooking for today and Port watch on deck to assist their Watch Leader, Rob.

We arrived in port, ate spaghetti bolognese for dinner, cleaned up and then we had some free time in the evening.

Overall, it was quite an eventful first day!

By Shai.

Day 2

Tuesday 5

It’s only Day 2 and it’s already been such a journey! Having the opportunity to steer the boat? Oh my, such an enjoyable thing to do. It’s probably the best thing to do when you’re out at sea, being the one in charge… steering left, steering right! With Bushy (Skipper) by your side, you know it’ll be alright.

I can honestly say, even after just two days, coming on this trip was the best choice I’ve made so far this year, even better than doing work experience with Posh (sorry Peterborough United), not a bad team, but it’s not everyday you get the chance to do this sort of thing. I love it here and I wish I could do this everyday!

Putting up the sails, working as a team and getting things done feels so good! Just gliding and riding with the waves and the sound of the waves crashing against the boat, you feel so calm, so peaceful and like you belong on the sea. I love it and wish I’d done this sooner because it’s a great learning experience and it’s a nice break from normal life! Football is great fun and makes me feel good, but being out at sea… now this is something everybody wants to be doing!​

By Enos.

Day 3

Wednesday 6

We started the day by making some breakfast, then we went on deck to tidy up. After that, we went from Poole to Weymouth, during the journey we learnt multiple knots such as Bowline, Figure Of Eight, OXO, and a Reef Knot.

When we arrived at Weymouth, we did some more tidying up and then went to the beach to swim after an hour and a half, we decided to stop swimming and went to shower. During the afternoon, we were given free time so me and my friends decided to go the arcade and had a wonderful time.

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