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Challenger 1 – Michael Hall Steiner School

By Kelly Field - June 7th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challengers 1, 2 and 3 this week, we have young people from Michael Hall Steiner Waldorf School, Kidbrooke Park in East Sussex. Stay tuned to find out what they get up to during their five-day sailing adventure. 

Day 1

Monday 6

At the beginning…

I loved the day today. It was so brilliant! We learned so much in just one day, all about the winches and ropes and also the basics of sailing.

Some of us got to helm (steer) while others dealt with the sails and the winches. What I learnt from the helming was that the wheel was really responsive and that standing on the side while holding the helm made it easier to see all things in front of you. I think that the whole group is really enjoying the new challenges of learning the skills of sailing and working as a team.

Today, our watch did the dinner. It was spaghetti bolognese. We first of all chopped the onions and garlic at which point I started crying from the onions. I was then told to suck a spoon, which actually helped. ?

As all the ingredients went in the pot we stirred it, so it didn’t stick while others washed some things up and got out other ingredients. We then made the pasta and everyone enjoyed the meal. After the meal the other watch washed up while we went for a shower. ?

I think that we are really looking forward to the week ahead and trying out the bunks. I hope that no one gets sea sick on the journey and we enjoy the rest of the week.

Port Watch – Nancy, Suri, Patricio and Tudor.

Day 2

Tuesday 7

Highway to Hell…

Today we woke up to Highway to Hell by AC/DC. It proved to be true later on for most of the crew.

When we got on deck, we had to be the first out of the marina at the Isle of Wight. Soon, we were back at sea again enjoying the fresh sea air as we headed towards Weymouth.

Those who had not yet had a go at the helming, had a go. We hoisted the main sail and gained precious experience.

However, even though we were gaining experience fast, many of the younger crew decided to offload their breakfast over the side of the boat.

As we approached Weymouth harbour, many of the crew started to feel less green! And the fish are no longer hungry.

Even though people were unwell, we still had an extremely fun day.

We hope the results of today do not repeat!

Starboard Watch – Tom, Milo, Joel and Savanna.

Day 3

Wednesday 8

Waves to Lymington…

First of all, in the morning, we went mast climbing. It was super high but really exhilarating. The view was great as we could see over the houses and the beach to some fields far away. Some people were helping to hoist the climbers who had a harness on and were tied to ropes and connected to the boat.

At about 11:00 we left, heading for Lymington. As we sailed along, the sea got rougher and rougher but luckily the seasickness was less bad today, apart from two of the boys. Helming was harder today because as a waves hit the side of the boat, we had to keep the boat on its course.

We had lunch on deck, but a few of the crew decided not to eat lunch to avoid feeding the fish! As we ate our lunch, the boat was rocking from side to side making it hard to move or eat on deck.

Later on, the waves were great and they sometimes sprayed us which we enjoyed.

Today, we felt like it was a proper sailing trip with the sails filled with wind and the engine not on. Everyone was much more cheery and chatting about a very varied range of subjects! I

Today was great because we had two sails hoisted; the Main and the Yankee.

By Port watch – Nancy, Suri, Tudor and Patricio.

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