Challenger 1 – London to Portsmouth Tower Hamlet Schools

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Day One

Today was our first day on the ship and so far it has been successful, especially dinner, we cooked up a storm! We also blew up a dingy and we had a race against all the other boats; we won! The race was really fun. The only bad thing about the dinner was that it was more like a soup than a fajita filling. We also learnt how to use rowing paddles. We are glad how we had different stations so Luiza was in charge of seasoning, Linda was in charge of cutting onions and Oliver was in charge of cutting peppers. Hopefully we will sail tomorrow.

The end

By Oliver, Ibrahim, Luiza, Linda and Dellilah

Day Two

Today we set sail at 10am. We all had to take part in helping the ship leave the dock. At first it was really difficult but eventually we got used to carrying the large fenders and setting the sails. Ifti said that the hardest thing was pulling the ropes because it gave him ‘bare’ blisters. We also had to do the cooking today which was so easy for us because we are all professional chefs, and our food was so much better than the Port watch’s food! All of us took part and helped each other because ‘gang business’. Hopefully nobody gets seasick. The worst thing was when we all went to the ‘town centre’ but we were all mad disappointed because we didn’t find a KFC so we were all sad.

By: Zainab and Ifti

Day Three

We started the morning of with everyone actually up on time. Some people work up at 7am to have a shower and we enjoyed eggy bread for breakfast.

Before we left we made sure the storm sail’s was up because Monkey (Mike) told us there was strong winds today. When we started heading for Portsmouth sailing was so much fun due to the wind speed. Later on we went for a tack so we can eat lunch up on deck we had jacket potato with the choice of either tuna, beans, cheese or butter.  When we got to Portsmouth two girls in  our crew made a shopping list for dinner. It was great. Then we all played a game called spoons and then we went to bed.

By floyd

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