Challenger 1 – Little Ilford Youth Zone

By Kate Stewart - October 25th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Challenger 1 is home to a group from Little Ilford Youth Zone who are joining us for a Voyage of Exploration this week.

Read their blog to find out how they’ve been getting on so far.

Day 1

Sunday 22

We saw the ship for the first time at Portsmouth Harbour.  We passed the naval base and the Spinnaker Tower.

We learnt about all the safety equipment on board, jackstays life boats, flares, life jackets, smoke alarms, and the gas detector.

Our rooms are very small with not much room to store our big suitcases that we were told not to bring!

When we had completed all the safety training, we put on our wet weather clothes and raised the Staysail before heading to the Isle of Wight.

Before we got there, we had to put down the roaming fenders and the sausage fenders, which protect the ship when mooring.

We cooked dinner and we went to shower in the marina. It was difficult to cook and clean in the galley (kitchen) as it’s quite small.

Now time for games night!!! And heading to Poole tomorrow.

Ciao for now.​

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