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Challenger 1 – Leicestershire Virtual School

By Kate Stewart - June 30th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 1 this week, we have Leicestershire Virtual School joining us for a four-night adventure.

Read their blog to find out more. ?

Day 1

Monday 27

My mast climbing experience…

It was scary. Climbing the mast was the most terrifying thing in the entire world (it’s basically like climbing on a rock and being pulled from above) but in the end, the climbing experience was fun!

Top tips from me:

1) Never look down

2) Don’t scream because you’re going to make yourself even more terrified

3) Think about something that you could achieve after, like climbing the tallest building in the entire world, or maybe Mount Everest

4) Be imaginative and creative, think about someone you cared for or something that you like

The more you think about it, the less scary it gets in your head. I was thinking about my favourite music or someone I cared for, like my friends and family

That’s all my top advice and if you ever get to the top, make sure you yell or scream something!

Day 2

Tuesday 28

Destruction, Disaster and Downgrade…

It was my first time sailing on a boat. I was worried that I might get seasick and wasn’t sure what sort of journey I may have, or where we were sailing too.

On the way I began felling a little dizzy and tired, and I was seasick, but it was relaxing being at sea, so I fell asleep!

It took me a while to recover, especially because it was my first time, but in the end, this journey was amazing and I think everyone should sail on a boat, because trust me, you really won’t regret it

Day 3

Wednesday 29

 Lessons learned from today…

Today we learnt that when we work together, we get the job done efficiently and to a good standard. We had a go at steering the boat (which helps with seasickness, along with apples and ginger biscuits).

Another thing we learnt was different types of knots, for example; bowline, admiral fist, clove hitch and reef knots, each of us put lots of effort in and in the end we could all do most of them. The one the group found the most challenging was the bowline and it took many of us lots of attempts to be able to do it.

We also learnt that when given the opportunity to do something new – like climb the mast – you should always take it and try your hardest!​

Day 4

Thursday 30

Advice I’d share with the next crew..

There are many things we would recommend to the next crew, the main one being to have fun. It’s also crucial to make sure that while having fun, you’re fully concentrated and always focused.

A good tip… is DON’T LOOK DOWN when you’re climbing the mast and make sure the harness is in a comfy place (especially you boys!) Also, always listen to your Watch Leaders and Skipper!

Remember this – teamwork makes the dream work. Grasp every opportunity, face your fears, and take everything in your stride.

Always respect everyone on the ship and DON’T ARGUE. And make each other laugh, trust us it will make the whole experience a whole lot better and helps with seasickness.

Finally, try to get on the Skipper’s nerves… but don’t make them angry!

Day 5

Friday 1

My long day sailing

We had a really fun time today, sailing around the Isle of Wight. We sailed for many hours, but we had a brilliant time, learning to tie knots (again), making jokes and having a nap when needed.

We had a bit of time after dinner, so we discussed our vibe for the day, what we’re grateful for and one person we’re thankful for. We also have many quotes of the day, including our favourite word, ‘enh’ (usually followed by a long sigh and a contemplation of life.)

We connected quite well with the crew and each other, creating a strong bond which we hope will last a long time. We learnt how to properly prepare for sailing and learnt how to read the maps correctly.

Altogether, we put up the Mainsail, the Staysail and the Yankee, and we cruised for hours before finally docking. Overall, it was a unique experience that we all went through together as a crew and as a team of individuals!​

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