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Challenger 1 – King Edward School

By Tall Ships - July 8th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Three

We woke up at 7:30 to the beautiful sight of the island of Alderney. We had a scrumptious breakfast of bacon and eggy bread that me and Carl willies made alongside Gloria. Snedders clearly enjoyed this meal as he enjoyed over two pieces of egg bread and an extra helping of bacon. After this port side cleared up and I attempted a climb of the mast – which is easier said than done – while the rest of the crew where grooving to ‘TNT’ – a minecraft parody’ downstairs and the water taxi came to take us to the beautiful island. The island of Alderney has a plethora of activities and places to explore. Some people (BVA) went golfing. Others chose to lie in the sun at Clonque bay. Carl willies and I chose to hire bikes and cruise the island. We found the island’s history fascinating so we spent our time searching around the various fortresses and war bunkers dotted around and then went to Corblets bay which I, personally thought was an incredibly beautiful and tranquil beach. The water was a light turquoise and glistened in the afternoon sun and the sand was pearly white. After everybody had finished exploring the island the groups came together to take the water taxi back to Challenger 1 and, once onboard, starboard watch began prepping the night’s dinner which would be the English classic of bangers and mash. Once fully cooked and served to the rest of the crew, the meal was once again, very well received, especially with Snedders who enjoyed and extra serving of sausages. That meant that he had over 2 sausages. Overall, this was a fantastic day and definitely a highlight of the trip.

Evening mooring at: 49° 43.550N

2° 11.600W

Day Two

On Tuesday morning we departed from the Isle of Wight at 7 and ate breakfast on route. The journey would take ten hours, so we put up the main sail and headed for Alderney. Raising the sail was a physically draining task and only one had the capability to do an adequate job: Terry the mate. Me, Carl willies and BVA were all feeling under the weather, and had to lie down to counteract the feeling of sea sickness. BVA, sadly was not able to overcome the feeling of sickness and succumbed to his dizziness; vomiting for the second time this week. For the rest of the day we sat on watch, playing cards and listening to music, as the ship cruised the peaceful and beautiful waters of the channel. We arrived at Alderney at 5pm and port side made spaghett for the rest of the boat. It was a fine meal that was tremendously well received, especially with Snedders, who ate over two bowls. Then, everyone went to sleep. To conclude, this has been another wonderful day of our sailing adventure.

Evening mooring at: 49° 43.550N

2° 11.600W

Day One

We arrived at Portsmouth at 12:30. It was the first time I had ever been there. Me and Carl willies had a burger and milkshake at Five guys. Next we boarded the boat and released the fenders and set sail for the Isle of Wight as we put up the yankee. We learnt a plethora of sailing techniques and terminology, including how to tie a Bolin knot. Carl willies’ snack bag went down very well with Max in particular and he really enjoyed the jaffa cakes. Then, me and Carl willies prepped and cooked food with Gloria. BVA vomited from the scent of fresh onions entering his nostrils so could not help us in the prep. We made an exquisite sweet and sour chicken that went down a treat with the rest of the crew. Especially with Snedders, who ate over 2 bowls which he accompanied with soy sauce and salt. Unfortunately we accidentally cooked all the weeks rice in one go so had to throw the remainder over board for all the fish to enjoy for their supper. Overall, this has been an awesome start to our sailing adventure.

Evening mooring at: 50° 37.4205N


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