Challenger 1 – Individuals – Ipswich to Portsmouth

By Kate Stewart - October 3rd, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

On board Challenger 1 this week, we have a group of individuals aged 16 to 25 joining us for a voyage from Ipswich to Portsmouth.

As a Voyage of Empowerment, this is the second stage of our three-voyage programme and focusses on helping young people to embrace responsibility, improve their decision-making skills and learn more about sustainability in the maritime environment.

Check out the voyager blog below written by the young people on boar to learn more about their experience so far.

Day 1

Monday 2

It was a very positive first experience of Challenger sailing for me.

We all arrived at Ipswich Harbour and cracked on with some team-building exercises. Our first task was to load the luggage onto the boat without using our hands. It seemed quite hard at first, but once we figured out a technique, we breezed right through it.

Once we were assigned our tasks, we managed to whip up a curry with a hefty amount of naans. That’s it for us and our first day.

By Port watch.​

Day 2

Tuesday 3

On Day 2, we had a nice and early start, sailing out of Ipswich.

After a quick breakfast, we kitted up in our waterproofs and headed up on the deck.

We put up the Yankee 3 and Staysail and navigated out of the loch. It was an easy sail until we got onto the open water and the wind speed began to pick up.

Our Skipper Bushy realised the best way to conquer the rough waves was to persevere and angle our Starboard to 30 dg. We sailed like that for about eight hours and after another two, we arrived at Ramsgate Harbour.

Spaghetti for dinner was prepared by our Michelin star chefs. It was fab!

Day 3

Wednesday 4

Due to the weather, we decided to take a day to develop our empowerment, ocean sustainability knowledge and team work skills while doing a beach clean.

We spent the afternoon doing various activities.

Finishing the day, we had lovely fish and chips.​

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