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Challenger 1 — HTP College

By Tall Ships - October 25th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This voyage is part of our STEM and the Sea project and is being supported in part by the 1851 Trust and funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

Day 2

Tuesday 19th

On the second day, we sailed to Yarmouth and when we got there, we learnt about the different sea charts. The next day we sailed to the river Hamble.

We learnt how to put the sail up and steer the ship, making sure the boat stays on course. Yesterday I helped dock the boat at the marina and helped cook the food.

Day 3

Wednesday 20th

I steered the boat for the first time today, which was exciting. We sailed from Yarmouth to Hamble. I helped make dinner which was fun, we had sausages and mash. I also really liked the fish and chips on Tuesday night and the pasta and sauce.

Day 4

Thursday 21st

Today I helped put the sails away and I really enjoyed steering the boat. I also learnt more about sailing, containing the ship and moving the sails.

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