Challenger 1 – Hive, Wirral Youth Zone

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Day Three

On day 3 we left at 0800 hours and it was raining quite a lot so it was slightly harder to sail in the morning and we had to eat our breakfast on the way to our stop for today… we didn’t like that as much because when starboard watch were doing breakfast 3 out of the 6 people had to come up onto the deck because it was rough and it was “near impossible” for people to walk. We have docked in Poole harbour today. It was one of the girls birthday so we threw a little party for her. She was very shocked and was slightly embarrassed because everyone was making a fuss… we still need to give her birthday digs though!!!

Day Two

On day 2 we left Cowes at 0900 and we were sailing on towards Yarmouth. We put up the Yankee 1 sail and the full main sail. Personally I thought that this was very hard because the sails are very hard to lift up and myself my friend had very little upper body strength but because I’m a climber it was easier for me because of my lower body strength from my climbing experiences but my friend found it slightly harder. We also found out that if you suffer from seasickness, taking up the helm and controlling the ship gave us a new thing to do and we could focus on controlling the boat so we knew what we were doing. We had to be out for 0800 the next day so we went to bed earlier then the day before.

Day One

Starting in Portsmouth, we were welcomed by the skipper, mate and watch leader. After going through the safety procedures, we worked on the most important piece of the boat. The tea/coffee list!

Setting sail from Portsmouth harbour around 14:00, we gently motored towards the Isle of White due to little wind in the channel. From here we learnt to use winches and setup sails ready to hoist tomorrow morning.

Arriving about 17:00, we docked alongside Challenger 2 ready to make dinner and prepare for tomorrow.

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