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Challenger 1 – Haydon Bridge Scouts

By Tall Ships - April 11th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We got up at half 7 to prep breakfast for everyone. After a good hearty meal of cereal and fruit, we set sail for Yarmouth from Portsmouth, beginning with learning about all the equipment and safety rules. Next we collected all the fenders and ropes connecting us to the harbour and finally we were prepared to set sail.

Throughout the day we learnt many different things, such as: How to set up a sail, how to move the runners and how to use the winches. During the process of learning all these things we learnt how to do many knots as well (half hitch.)

At about 1 O’clock, we sat down in the cockpit to chow down on some lovely cheese and ham sandwiches made by the Green team. After a well-deserved lunch the red team had to clean up (Lucky devils). Eventually, we carried on our journey to Yarmouth, when Yarmouth was in our sight we had to prep the fenders and make bow lines to attach the boat to the port. After being securely attached to the port we had to prep the boat (challenger 1) for our next voyage by tidying up all the loose ropes.

Later, we had a small period of time to relax and have walk around Yarmouth, we went to the beach and attempted to skim stones and eat rhubarb and custard by the sea. When the hunger pain started to kick in, we headed back to the boat to cook up some grub. First we chopped up various different types of vegtables, and placed them in pot of mince and tomatoes. Then we called it a day and went to bed.

Day Two

We started the day very early form Yarmouth to go to Poole. Before the day even started we learnt how to do the man over board drill. It was a cold day and we all had to wear our oilskins when the rain started. Today we put up two sails instead of one because it was windier than yesterday which made the boat go faster- that was fun. After a fun filled morning of hoisting sails taking turns to steer the boat, red watch made a lunch of pasta, tomato sauce and cheese which was very filling…

After lunch we did tacking and gibing, this was hard work because it hurt your arms but it felt rewarding. These are methods used to make the boat sail “close to the wind”, which means you are nearly sailing into the wind. Then when we got close to land we lowered the sails and put the bags on them. When we were doing this we saw the Needles of the Isle of Wight and another sail boat, Challenger 3, they were coming back from the Caribbean.

Finally we got to Poole it looked very nice and we saw some big houses that footballers live in, we docked the boat ready for a night there with all the big,x, expensive, fancy, white and black yachts, which we saw while we were exploring Poole before dinner.

For tea we had sausages, beans and chips and you could have had peas instead of beans, but most people had beans.

Day Three

Today we started of the day with another hearty breakfast of cereal, bread and fruit. Whilst the green team slaved away in the galley, the mighty red team prepped the deck, crowds began to form and the paparazzi stood round. As challenger 2 sailed away we moved the mooring lines and fenders.

Young people such as Tim, molly, Alastair and Jenson led the expeditions, for the first time we put all three sails up and went at a 45 degree angle. On the horizon Cowes began to appear and before we knew it we had arrived. Jim was kind enough to do the dishes as we went on shore to have a kick about. When we got back Sam was making a delicious curry, and we went to Sainsbury’s to get a lot of naan breads. As you can probably guess for tea we had chicken curry, naan breads and rice, you could have had just rice or rice with naan but most people had curry.

Finally we had some social time with radio coming out of the speakers!

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