Challenger 1 — Hackney Quest

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Day 1

Tuesday 17th

Good morning y’all! Today was the best and most stressful day by far. We had to travel here with heavy luggage which was superrrrrr annoying. We headed to Portsmouth in a large group where we first met our lovely crew, we had a beautiful tour of our boat and received important information on how to survive on a boat.

May taught us how to use the toilets and what the kitchen looks like, we also received a demonstration on how to put on the life jackets. With the crew’s advice and good teamwork, everything was great! We then set sail to the Isle of Wight and as we sailed along, crew members taught us how to work the ropes and fly the sails one of our peers even got to steer. The boat ride was generally great. Everyone was talking and laughing and singing really loudly. It was a great bonding experience. There was a few complaints about the toilet being tricky to use but all was well.  After we arrived we started preparing dinner and packing in the ropes for the night. Tidying up went quickly and efficiently and wasn’t too difficult. After tidying up, the girls went and took a shower while the boys ate their food. Then the boys went to shower and the girls started cleaning up. As of now, most of them are gathering to watch the sunset together.

Food: pasta with Spanish sausage and garlic bread

Day 2

Wednesday 18th

The group was awoken at 7:00 am. Some struggled but we all had a group breakfast and got ready. Once dressed, we unpacked the ropes and got the boat ready to sail and we left by 9:00. It was a lot more stressful and physically demanding than yesterday. Around three hours into the sail, dolphins appeared and we were all were excited by them. We all took turns in in tacking the boat and did so successfully. A lot of the group did get seasick and were throwing up everywhere. The water was not as calm during the middle of the journey. Multiple crew members by that point were either soaked or sick. The sick members had mostly fallen asleep in their beds. The water calmed down eventually and once we reached the bay, we anchored and set up the pole. We learnt how to tie two different knots, a clove hitch and bowline. The majority of us got to climb the pole with a harness. After that some calm social time was had. The girls started preparing dinner and the boys got some free time. They ate together as a group, then the boys cleaned while the girls went up on deck. Overall while some obstacles were faced, it was all in all, a good day.

Day 3

Thursday 19th

You can take Londoners out of London, but the Londoner will always ‘London’ where ever they go. What does this mean you ask?

Well…. voyagers typically use up to an 800 litre tank of water in one week by rationing their supplies. We managed to use, the above in just ONE DAY. Ok, but jokes aside, it really highlights just how much London and the rest of the world need to get IT TOGETHER!! Anyway- I digress!

Today was our second night on the yacht and it was awesome! We kicked off our journey by erecting the main sails which was a workout in itself! We set sail to Yarmouth, it took approximately 4 hours to arrive. During our voyage there was a lot of team work and laughter as we “learned the ropes” of sailing, quite literally. We learnt how to tie a vertical Clove Hitch knot, a Bowline Knot, a Reef knot and a Double Sheet bend.

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