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Challenger 1 – Greater Peterborough UTC

By Kate Stewart - July 12th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 1 this week, we have a group from Greater Peterborough UTC.

This four-night voyage has been supported by Cross Keys Homes.

Read their blog to find out more! ?​

Day 1

Monday 11

Today on the ship we were able to have a nice tour of the boat. Some of us then got to steer the boat. Afterwards, we had Holly and Erica make us tea because they are the best people on this entire ship.

Then, some more of us had turns steering the boat, while others were preparing for when we moor e.g. tying the fenders.

`After preparing the fenders, we had to tie the ropes round the metal bars of the ship and also had a lesson on tying useful knots by The Amazing Robert.

Half of us then went down to prepare dinner while the others had some free time, which we spent enjoying the wonderful view.

We then went down for dinner and some of us were ungrateful and went up to get a tan while the others ate their food like normal people. After that, we cleaned. Now, we are currently playing Uno (card game).

By Jerry and Erica.

Day 2


We woke up at 07:30 and one watch made breakfast while the other complained about having to wake up at that hour. We had our breakfast (cereal) and the complaining group washed up the dirty dishes. Everybody got dressed and ready to start the day and began the morning tasks.

One group had the job of cleaning below deck and the other group got the boat ready to sail. After that, we were all up on deck, lifejackets on and listening to the Skipper. We began our day by leaving Lymington harbour and sailing towards Weymouth.

We had the job of putting up the Mainsail and because of the weight of it, the complainers had to help out too. We sailed for roughly six hours, lunch included, and finally arrived in Weymouth. We tidied up the boat, put ropes back in their places, untied the fenders and placed them back into the fore hatch.

Once we had finished, we went to the beach for the evening and then arrived back at the boat to start dinner. We cleaned up dinner, cooled down and went to bed for 22:00.


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