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Challenger 1 – February Half Term – 16-25

By Kate Stewart - February 13th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

A group of individuals aged 16-25 are joining us onboard Challenger 1 for a four-night residential voyage.

Check out their blog to see what they’ve been getting up to throughout the week.

Day 1

Monday 13

After arriving at Gunwharf Quays Marina, we were introduced to the friendly crew and given a tour of the Challenger yacht. After some brief training, we set sail, heading towards the Isle of Wight.

On the way, we began learning new knots, how to use winches, and how to set the lines and fenders ready to dock the yacht. After this, it was time to separate into the two separate watches, one taking charge of cooking dinner, and the other helping to finish docking the boat.

So far, everyone seems to be having a great time, slowly getting to know each other, and we can’t wait for what’s to come!

By Jacob and Raith.​

Day 2

Tuesday 14

Nobody from Bath snores.

Hoisting the sails was a chore.

Many heads were bashed on the frame of the door.

Winds started to roar.

The crew was wet to the core (it’s June tomorrow by the way).

Below deck was sea sickness galore.

But the private ensign still soared.

Most watched and adored, I still sat floored.

Record in chunks on the floor.

Nobody dare explore the shore.

Most still begging for more, as the Port watch bought the store.

Bare chips used as décor while the people in Bath, don’t snore.


By S. Charlton (Port watch)

Day 3

Wednesday 15

The day started early with cereals.

Wind was strong enough to put up the Mainsail, and two other sails.

Did some tacking, FUN!

Out the needle channel.

People felt sea sick. ?

We did ‘MAN OVERBOARD!!’ and saved Kenny twice.

In Poole right now, the second biggest natural harbour.

Everyone (almost) climbed up the mast, 96ft tall (great view up there).

Fish and chips for dinner and everyone is ready for a hot shower and bed.


By Jessica and Themis (Starboard watch)

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