Challenger 1 – D OF E

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Day One

All aboard the Challenger 1! Twelve travellers from all across the country converged at Portsmouth underneath the Spinnaker Tower. After getting acquainted with one another, we learnt the ways of the boat, including a tour of above and below the deck. We set sail to Cowes on the Isle of Wight; where we then feasted on fajitas. The plan for tonight is a trip into town before settling down for a good night’s rest – it’s a busy day tomorrow! ?

By Harriet, Zoe & Madeline

Day Two

Today we truly sailed – in the sense that the boat was powered by the light breeze rather than the engine. A fair few of us underestimated the absolute untamed ferocity of the Dorsetshire sun. Our bodies became the canvas of an abstract artist; geometric shapes were burned into our flesh. The colour red was especially prominent today, perhaps the solar artist was feeling enraged. Defying all expectations, France won at something and got through to the World Cup final. But do not lose faith, dear reader – the World Cup WILL BE coming home, it is foretold. Also, we have everything crossed, but whatever happens, the boys have done us proud.

In the afternoon we enjoyed olive oil ice cream, it was ridiculously smooth and tasted exactly like a wasabi kit-Kat, if you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying such an exotic oriental delight. We sailed from Cowes to Weymouth (I was told to talk about the actual journey). The beach was soothing, the waters calm and the golden sand perfect for burying Matty up to his neck, and leaving him there for seagulls.

After a long, enjoyable and invigorating day of sailing we found, presented to us on the table, a great platter of fish and chips, upon which we gorged ourselves. The seafood meal was perfectly paired with the pungent aroma of the boat’s blocked sewage pipe being emptied (thanks Skipper& Mate). We rounded the night off with a fiercely competitive game of cards.

By Akil and Cameron

Day Three

Start of the day woke up in Weymouth and it was a calm morning until pancakes were served. The pancakes were very thick, but people liked them. Later in the day we had all three sails up and we made an angle of 20 degrees. While the sails were up and we were sailing towards Poole, lunch was served and the girls pigged out on not only lunch, but the food that they had made before lunch. The docking in Poole was one of the most complicated so far this week, but we tied up safely. We had an early dinner, as everyone wanted to watch the football. After dinner, we then went to the Kings Head to watch the football game.  I ate a bag of sweets and hung out with the dog that was there, as I don’t like football. England lost apparently and everyone then went back to the boat disappointed. Back on the boat, we played cards, until it was time for bed.


Day Four

Today we spent the morning climbing the mast in Poole Harbour. Once everyone had climbed the mast, we went and got ice cream and Akil ran off to sit with some dogs and their owners. When everybody was back on board, we left Poole and headed back towards Portsmouth. Once out of Poole, we put up all the sails and managed to sail most of the way to the Solent. We had lunch sailing and then we sunbathed. Then we spent a while sorting sails while Dezza (Derek aka Frederick) spent most of the day cooking sausage and mash. It was 10/10 tbh. We also lost/misplaced the main sail cover and had to undo all our hard work just to find it (yay). We are now in Cowes, Isle of Wight. We spent the night playing card games and then it was time for bed.

By Sophie and Morgan

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