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Challenger 1 – CROSS KEY HOMES

By Tall Ships - August 14th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We woke up around 7:30 and the Port team was starting to make breakfast. We started sailing at 8:30 and we were heading round from Sandown bay but had to turn around and go back to the Soltern because Challenger 1 crew weren’t feeling to well. At about 11:30 we stopped to have lunch, pasties and beans cooked by Starboard crew. We were heading west for Yarmouth and we were tacking through the Soltern to do this. Tacking is when you turn the boat in an opposing direction and have to move the sail from side to side. Here, the waters’ were calmer and we casually sailed through the wind. We all took the helm (those who wanted to) and steered the boat. This evening we are moored alongside Challenger 1 at Yarmouth. Our first priority was to have a nice warm shower! Dinner tonight was served by the port crew and was pasta and sauce.

By Ieva and Ellie Smith

Day Two

Once we woke up and had breakfast, our group learned about the jive after we spent around an hour on the water. Mostly calm weather compared to day one, and we’re hoping that continues to be the case. We learned a handful of knots which we practiced (for example, the clove-hitch) and while the boat heeled, we sat on the side admiring the sea. We stopped at Yarmouth, then had showers and sat for dinner. Now we’re writing this.

-Josh and Molly

Day Three

We woke up at 0700 and we were extremely fatigued but thankfully there was some bacon sandwiches on the table thanks too Drew and nick. We set off to Poole and saw the Needles and the rocks of Old Harry. Drew nearly fell off the boat because someone told him to jump as a joke when he was climbing the mast but at least he was listening to instructions. We also did a (MOB DRILL) man over bored drill and did it very quickly and efficiently and then, we docked in Poole and put away the sails.

Soon after we had lunch made of sausage and rolls made by Kyle and then we had a clear through of the entire boat. Dave the wave and Sushi Saoirse blew up the dingy while drew watched and gave vital encouragement when needed. We then raced the dinghies and had fun. We raced against OBA (They cheated) then we did Boys vs Girls and boys won.

Hannah, Ellie, Nic, Jim and Drew went on a walk and found many shops and good view points and managed to get some good photos. We found an arcade and spent a lot of money to gain 5 lollipops. On the way back we stopped at 4 different shops to looks for pineapple and raspberries and also come across a statue of a pirate with his toes hanging out. We then carried on and found a backstreet that we all agreed that it looked like Hull. We then came back to a nice sunset with a clear view of boats and other land. We then had fish and chips on the table ready to eat. Jeremiah devoured the chips and Nic stole the Reggae Reggae sauce for the entire meal.  Then Ellie began a conversation about how she will get up early to get a cold shower to wake herself up as she is usually falling back to sleep at 7 every morning when she is woken up by Freya Larter……Nic is going to stay asleep for the entire day and only reply to people with the radio.​

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