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Challenger 1 – Cross Key Homes Thomas Deacon School

By Tall Ships - September 12th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

The weather was grim, to say the least, however we got to the docks without any issues and on time. Left the docks after an introduction with the crew and Challenger 1. Coincidently the weather worsened as soon as we departured and were soaked for the rest of the journey to Cowes. Other than that it was quite exciting to be the first team (out of two) to cook furthermore I made the best chicken that the crew has ever got to taste. A very good start to our voyage on the South Coast. – Dovydas

Day Two

We all woke up at before 8:00 and starboard watch (charlotte’s team) made a really nice breakfast and port watch (ness’s team) dried and cleaned up. Then we moved from Cowes to Poole the travel was 6 hours. We all had to prepare to set sail to get to Poole. Port watch prepared lunch today was a buffet but some people felt a bit sea sick during the travel so Vanessa saved lunch for them to eat later when they are hungry. As we set off for Poole we had to get the sail up it took some work but we got there in the end. Ness and Charlotte was a good help during the journey and Neil was a good person the talk to but if I could rate this day out of ten it would be a ten x – Lilly and Kaitlin

Day Three

Imagine rough waves, windy skies and a ship full of loud and annoying kids… yes, I’m describing today. With the beautiful blue skies covered by a mixture of light and dark clouds, the trip from Poole to Yarmouth seemed like it was going to last forever. Minutes felt like hours, even millennials from time to time Chatter was never-ending. 8 am was the start of the day, all the groaning kids got out of bed and made breakfast, even I didn’t want to get out of the slumber that kept me from hearing the car alarm earlier that night. Around 12:00 it was and so we left Poole. The trip there was rough and tiring, even the others were wanting to rest. Throughout the whole trip nearly everyone was resting in the cockpit. Dinner came after a while, preparing the dinner was the best part, we all got to chill and talk. – Charlie 🙂

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