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Challenger 1 – Cross Key Homes Queen Katherine Academy

By Tall Ships - November 11th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

This is our first day of tall ships and we are on the challenger one boat. Today was just introduction day, we did a little bit of sailing and learning about how to work all the part’s on a ship. After we had some races between the groups up until 6 o’clock. While port crew was cooking dinner starbud rescued a friendly boat because their engine broke down and we took them to the Cowes port and they are still alongside us. After that we had a good meal of fajitas, full and ready for a shower and into our nice comfy hammocks to sleep for the night up ready and early for a busy day tomorrow.


Day Two

This was my second day onboard the boat, today had a lot more work to do, there was a lot of rope pulling, heavy lifting and multiple trips up and down the boat. We started putting up the storm sail and the yankee 3 sail, we feed the sail up to the steel wire and clipped it on and repeated the same for the yankee 3 sail. We arrived at Yarmouth at 3PM and packed the ships sails away. We then got to go around the town for around 2 hours by the time we had packed the ship up. When we got back to the ship we went over to the showers and then had dinner. We played card games called ‘go fish’ and ‘three’. Tomorrow we’re looking forward to learn some more sailing techniques and facts, and also the exploration. 🙂

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