Challenger 1 – Charterhouse – XF240301

By Ellie Crowson - March 5th, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

We had a group of sea cadets from Charterhouse, one of the UK’s leading independent boarding and day schools, join us on board Challenger 1 for a super weekend adventure – read all about their experience here!​

Day 2

Saturday 2 March

After an early morning start, Starboard Watch made breakfast for the crew for 8:00, beginning the day in good spirits. Then Port Watch cleaned up to get ready for the day. 

As a group, we got the deck ready, setting up all the sails and taking off the fenders for a 9:30 departure from Gunwharf Quay, Portsmouth. As we left, we were lucky to catch sight of a seal nearby.

We then sailed across the Solent, learning new skills like using the winches during tacks and even heading the helm. Around 13:00 Port Watch prepared jacket potatoes paired with either beans and cheese or tuna mayo which we had on the go.

After we had our lunch, we continued the journey to Lymington Marina. After a few more hours, upon approaching our destination, we took down our sails and did a man overboard drill. Soon after, we arrived at around 16:30. Once we moored, we began setting and tidying up the boat for the evening. Later, the other group on Challenger-2 moored next us. 

We then had Spaggy Bol for dinner, made by the amazing Starboard Watch. We did a quiz against challenger-2 about the boats we stayed on today and Charterhouse. Of course, we won the competition. While writing this, we listened to some absolute bangers. We plan to finish the day with cards before bed at 22:00 with an early start tomorrow.

– Starboard Watch (James K, Jack B, Michael L)
– Edited by A.J. P.

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