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Challenger 1 – Adult voyage to France (18-80)

By Kate Stewart - August 31st, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 1 this week, we have a group of adults, aged 18-80 joining us for an exhilarating sailing adventure to France.

Read their blog to see what they’ve been getting up to so far on their week-long voyage.

Day 1

Monday 29

We departed Gunwharf Quays at 19:00, using the engine to get out of port and had a general tour of the boat. Then, we put up the sail and started our journey to France. We split our crew of 11 into two groups, red and green.

We regularly switch roles on the boat, e.g red watch makes breakfast, then green watch cleans up after. We did a watch system in two shifts of 22:00 – 02:00 and 02:00 – 06:00. This meant that one group got to rest while the other was on watch, ensuring that there was always someone on deck.

We arrived in France after some sea sickness in the night and put down the sail. We got the boat to the port in Chantereyne, which has showers, laundry facilities, restaurants and a bar. We then checked passports with the police and got everyone stamped before heading back to the boat and exploring ashore.

Later, we came back to the boat and got ready for bed. We are heading to Guernsey tomorrow, departing at 13:00.

By Nicholas.

Day 3

Wednesday 31

We left France at 14:00 and arrived in Guernsey at 18:45 (no seasickness). On arrival, we were met by a Guernsey Coastguard and quickly got access into the country. We then anchored in at port.

Some people went out to explore and some didn’t. We then came back and went to sleep. Most of us woke up at around 07:00 to make and eat breakfast.

It’s currently 08:48 in Guernsey and plans are being made for dinner out and people are preparing to leave the boat to go out and explore.

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