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Onboard Challenger 1 this week, we have a group of year 9 boys from Addey and Stanhope School in Deptford, south London.

This voyage has been sponsored by Saltus. ?

Read their blog to see what they’ve been up to since they started their voyage on Monday (16th).

Day 1

Monday 16

Today started at school where we got ready to drive to Portsmouth, which was a two to three hour drive. When we arrived, we got Burger King.

What I enjoyed most on the first day was driving the boat, but I didn’t enjoy waking up cold. The most helpful skill I learnt was how to tie different types of knots.

I’m grateful for this big opportunity provided by TSYT and am looking forward to putting up the sail.

By Farooq

We left at around 10:00 to drive to Portsmouth. Once we got there, we went to the dock and got onto our boat and met our crew Luiz, Jonathan, Paul and Giles. They helped us put our luggage on the boat and showed us around the upper deck and lower deck .

I learnt how to drive the boat and tie knots. What I’m grateful for is that I got this lovely opportunity to learn how to sail and work as a team.

I’m looking forward to learning to put up the sail.

By Preston​

Day 2

Tuesday 17

Today, my job was to help put up the sails when we turned off the engine. I enjoyed it because of the hard effort and teamwork we put in. It took a lot longer than scheduled but we got it done!

My favourite part of the day was when I steered the boat, at first it was a bit confusing but later on I got the hang of it. I didn’t enjoy the first part of the journey because I was sea sick. Also, the ride was very bumpy and rocky so it was a bit of a struggle.

I learnt how to secure the ropes around the winch using ‘elephant ears’ (the ropes are looped around and divided either side of the winch) and how to steer the boat. I’ve been able to be more independent and will take this away with me. I think all young people should learn hard work and independence.

I am grateful for arriving safely and a good night’s sleep. I am looking forward to sailing at night tomorrow.

By Nathan

Today, we worked as a team to put the sail up and used the wrench handle towards the end of putting it up.

I didn’t really enjoy the seasickness because I didn’t get to join in the activities with the team. However, I learnt how to do all the special knots including a bowline and reef, and I learnt I can actually wake up early and do work. So, in the future I can overcome challenges no matter what .

One thing I can tell people is to never do anything alone, always work as a team because you might not be able to get the job done by yourself.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and to learn new things because not many people get this chance. Me and the team are very lucky!

We had the chance to go to the beach and in the ocean, which was very fun but very cold. We got soaking wet so, we had to walk back in our wet clothes, which wasn’t pleasant.

I also got to climb up the mast to tie the cover on the boom.

By Lashigan

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