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Challenger 1 – 1st Goring Heath Scouts

By Kate Stewart - October 7th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

We’ve had a group from 1st Goring Heath Scouts joining us onboard Challenger 1 this weekend.

Read their blog to find out more.

Day 1

Friday 7

“We traversed the dangerous wilds to the South!” – Thomas Sutton, 2022.

“Woolies!” – Thomas Sutton, Mikey Peates, Ethan Davidson, 2022.

Beth: With Ella and Thomas in the car with me, we mostly talked about memes, vines and Star Wars (Thomas’ favourite) and were buzzing with excitement the entire journey. Ella kept on singing the Alice the Camel song. The occasional wave of paranoia (about possibly forgetting equipment) made me worry but overall things went smoothly.

Zara: The car journey consisted of extremely random conversations, Irish Snap with Sabina, Tic-Tacs (all of which tasted like artificial food colourings but still strangely good) and chewing gum! Mikey kept pulling out his phone to show the rest of us memes and a few of them were…amusing. He also brought an unfathomable amount of mints on the trip. I felt super excited for the trip.

When we arrived at the dock, we were greeted by Joe and we made our way down to the cabins. Ella had already claimed the top bunk, unfortunately!

After having an amazing pizza dinner at Zizzi’s, we met up with the rest of the crew in the saloon to introduce ourselves (it’s called the creeping death…). We had to mention our favourite biscuits; six people in the group’s favourite biscuits were custard creams. A solid choice! A few people said that their favourite was Jaffa Cakes (this caused a bit of a rift between people at the time as some argued that they are NOT biscuits).

Day 2

Saturday 8

Grand Storyteller Thomas Sutton:  Early we awoke from our deep slumber hanging from the walls of our grand cabins onboard the mighty vessel Challenger 1 (reminds me of my days on the victory back during ol’ Trafalgar).

Then we set sail heading for the distant land of Yarmouth on the shores of the grand Isle of Wight. The water was calm and the sky was clear allowing us to travel the dangerous waters with all speed. We raised the mighty sails onboard Challenger 1 and turned on the engine set sail for our far off destination upon distant shores.

We were greatly cheered by our rations in the form of mints and gum from our valued member of the crew Mikey, accompanied by a mighty mixture of pasta, pesto, squash and an unhealthy amount of cheese (mmmmh cheese).

After many miles of hardship upon the sea we reached our fabled destination, the grand port of Yarmouth. We partook in many interesting activities such as eating chocolate mousses (moussi?) without spoons or hands, wishing to buy a large statue of the legendary beast known as a “Monkey” and last but most importantly… engaging in a complex debate about the application of large amounts of mind controlled monkeys (interesting).

It is now… with the sun long faded beneath the horizon…. that I end my tale…

Day 3

Sunday 9

Thomas Sutton (yet again!): We set sail in the morning and after a little while put up our sails and set off in earnest. The weather was not as calm as yesterday and the wind was in the right direction, so we were much faster than the previous day.

We had a large amount of biscuits and squash, which we consumed with no hesitations and rapidly finished off (like a feeding frenzy!). For lunch we had pasties and before long we had arrived back at Portsmouth, the wind billowing in our sails.

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