Challenge 64

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Challenge 64 is all about challenging yourself by setting yourself a goal relating to the numbers 6 and 4. Simple examples of your challenge could be 64 x running up and down the stairs, 64 star jumps, 8 lots of 8 press ups (over a week) = 64, running 8km a day for 8 days (=64) or a 6.4km walk with your dog. In fact, anything involving the number 64 (or 6 and 4). Baking 64 cupcakes, knitting 64 squares for a patchwork quilt, give up chocolate for 64 days. The possibilities are endless!

There is an easy 5-step process to this challenge:-

Decide on your Challenge 64 activity

  1. Decide on your Challenge 64 activity
  2. Set up your fundraising page on our Website or on our Just Giving page
  3. Ask all you friends and family to sponsor you
  4. Ask someone to take photos of you doing your challenge
  5. Share a photo or video of your challenge on social media tagging @tallshipsyt and including #TSYTChallenge64

We will be offering a T-shirt to the first 20 who challenge themselves with an activity of their choice and set up their fundraising page.

Did you know, if 64 people all raised £64 that would fund bursaries for an entire voyage? If this is you, we want to publicly recognise you and together celebrate your success by featuring you on our Challenge 64 virtual Wall of Fame below!

Challenge 64 Virtual Wall of Fame

GetImage 1

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