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Chalenger 3 – New Year Adventure

By Tall Ships - January 6th, 2020 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We arrived at challenger 3 and we had a safety briefing. Shortly after working out the confusion of the unlabelled sails we rigged and set sail for Yarmouth. During the journey we ran through some drills involving the runners, we also talked about sailing terms and knot work.

Readying for mooring, we quickly secured all fenders to port side of the boat we were told soon after that we actually needed to have them on the starboard side. When we were finally tied to the jetty we packed away the boat, starting with the sails, we attempted to put them in the right bags and covers. After many failures we finally had success, we could proceed to the next stage runners and clearing of the deck. After all of that was finished we could rest or go to town, we all chose to go to town.

We had returned and two of us had been pulled away to prepare dinner, spaghetti Bolognese.

Day Two

From Yarmouth we set sail for Poole, wind was okay. On the way we successfully hosted the Yankee up and we practised gybing. As we came into Poole we had to be careful of lobster pots. When we moored we went to Tesco and the arcade. When we woke the next day, while we waited for the annual RNLI and Royal Marines bathtub race, Aston and Charlie had a go a climbing the mast and they both got to the first set of spreaders. We watched the annual RNLI and Royal Marines race. We successfully left port and stated to motor to Cowes. We decided not to put up any sails because there was only about 4 knots of wind so we just motored all the way. The fog grow thicker and thicker which was making it hard to see. We finally got to Cowes and moored successfully but darkness fell on to us and we moored.

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