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CH3 – Riverside School – XF240604

By Ellie Crowson - June 5th, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Riverside International School join us on Challenger 3 and 4 all the way from Prague for a 4-night voyage. Follow their journey below.

Day 1

Tuesday 4 June

Today Fanda was hit by a big wave, and he got very wet. We had a good laugh. We went from the port of Portsmouth to go west to the other delta near Southampton. It was mildly rainy and every five, or so seconds we were hit by a wave. Kazuki had a hard time holding up a fender. He was groaning and had to give the rope to an instructor. He was coughing a lot after that incident almost coughing on the food. It was quite difficult preparing the sails. We had to open the sail locker hatch and pass the sails up through the hatch. We took off the sail covers and attached the carabiners to the ropes at the top of the mast. Sadly, we did not use the sails for there was not enough time to open and then close almost immediately them. We are excited for tomorrow!

Day 2

Wednesday 5 June

Today we had begun in an awesome city called Warsash. Everything started of amazingly, we put up the sails.  But after few miles the weather became worse and worse. After some time, something was wrong and, in few seconds, we were attacked by the Kraken. It wrapped its tentacles around the boat and disappeared. In few moments all of us saw Kraken and Megalodon were fighting and Megalodon won and saved us. Then the boat was floating by zigzag, and we got to the town Poole.

From the twins

We had our breakfast. It was bagels with strawberry jam, it was great! Next, we left Warsash on a ship. That time I was sleeping, it was good. I get up and eat lunch. It was a baguette with tuna chicken and pork. There was more sailing. We came in. I cut up onions and carrots. It was a little bit hard. We ate dinner, sausage and carrot and peas. Mash potato, I don’t like but is a little delicious. Next, I get a shower. It is good. Now writing. Today is a good day.

From Kazuki

Day 3

Thursday 6 June

We started from a town called Poole and our destination is Cowes. We went out to the sea, and we couldn’t sail due to small speed of wind, so we used the engine. We travelled like that for a couple of hours until we stopped. Then we put up the pole and started climbing it up. Alister was first but we realised there was a family of 8 white sharks. We are not supposed to tell but the rope tore, and Allister fell into the sea and sharks attacked him, ripped him apart and ate him. There was nothing left of him.

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