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CH2 – Addey & Stanhope School – xf240603

By Ellie Crowson - June 3rd, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Addey and Stanhope school join us for a week’s voyage. See what they are getting up to below.

Day 1

Monday 3 June

Today I cooked and fixed john mistake. I Learned how to use most part of the boat like the sheets and I don’t know what most of the stuff is called but I learned how to make a rope tight. I’m grateful for the food and the people I came with friends and had a lot of fun.


I cooked with people and steered a boat to the place we are meant to go and also didthe job of multiple people on the boat. It is possible for human to live on a boat for a long period of time and how to tie a hard knot. I also learnt how t steer a ship by the wheel. I also learnt how to be a spiker. I am grateful for thee food and the people who provided me with this opportunity to go on this trip and the people who are able to fund this trip for young boys.


I steered a boar and understood how much work it took to get a boat moving. Boats take a lot of teamwork to get started at to stop. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be on a boat and have an experience on how much work and teamwork to actually navigate and get a boat started.


I cooked for people and I was able to take down a sail. I leaned that it takes a lot of tasks to be able to move a boat. I am grateful for having the opportunity to be able to learn and amazing experience that will stay with me.


Today I did lots of work for example first thing in the morning I had to cut up the breads, egg, bacon, ketchup then after we went for a long jo outside then we did some stretches then we went to the shops to buy snacks/drinks. I learned that teamwork is important because it builds the bond between your friends / teammates and showing your teammates how do things they didn’t know before (learning). I am grateful for being on this sailing trip because its been a while since I have been on a trip and I have never done sailing before and I have learnt new skills like learning how to tie a know in a boat.


I made some breakfast for the team(eggs and bacon rolls) then I did my check in. After that I read a book ,I went out jogging with Mr Sinclair whilst he was touring us around cows.i also did some streaches to prepare myself for what was later to come that day. Engaging and teamwork is  the best thing to have/use on this trip because without these I coulnt work to the best of my ablity. Also learned how to set up the big sail and how to properly tie the knots on the ropes. My teammates giving me support because I  felt a little sick and they encouraged me to keep going even thought I was going to give up.


I cooked breakfast which was egg, bacon and bread. After I went up and I had to remove the fender and undo the knots. I then went to put the main sail up and I was sweating at the mast. Also during the journey I was driving and I had to steer properly using slight hand movements to be able to counteract the strong winds. After we took a break and lunch was made by the starboard team. We then worked as a team to wash up all of the dishes. After we did this we sailed back to the port as the water was now deep enough for us to be allowed to park. We then packed up the sails. Teamwork is important as when you are pulling the sail up it is difficult if it is just one person. You also need work as a unit because there are different parts to the system and it works more smoothly if you have everyone on deck doing something. The exercise we did at the start of the day as it kept me up and alive for the rest of the work we did during the day. I’m also grateful that I was able to learn the elephant ears when getting the loose ropes around the winch.


Day 3

Wednesday 5 June

I helped put up the main flag and  encourage my friend and team to get through their own challenges and I also helped take down the main flag and the yankee sail and support the crew through tough times for example when high waves came in. I learned that it does take a lot of work get the main sale up and a lot of teamwork and encouraging each other and mainly being there for each other and lifting each other up when things aren’t going as planned and pushing beyond our limits. I am grateful for the crew helping us and being there for us especially through difficult obstacles like Georgie helping in the snake pit and peter helping me at the mars and encouraging me through pulling the rope down and learning the technique and mark explaining the different tasks and matt being a very good skipper and helping me steer.


Today I woke up and cooked breakfast I was quite tiered when we first came on deck but after a little while I was quite energetic and did some work up on deck such as tidying up ropes in the cockpit eventually we had to take down the main sail. I learned that the water in a ship is beneath the ship in a tank and if you finish it then there isn’t any left and also that if we continued going the ways we went but backwards then we would reach the border of France. I am grateful for the crew being able to teach us multiple new things that we would of not learnt unless we went on this trip and I’m especially grateful for Mr Sinclair taking us on a walk to the park where we tried to see what we could jump over and also really happy for my friends encouraging me while I was spiking at the beginning of the ship while taking up the main sail.


I woke up and I helped set up the table so we were ready for breakfast after I got ready I went up into the cockpit and I was really tired but I had to winch the winch handle which was hard work and made me very tired but I still helped put up the main sail which I’m really proud about It and I helped take it down. I learnt that I have to keep on going when its tough and I learnt that we really need teamwork to work the ship and I learnt more knowledge about the ship. I am grateful for the crew cooking dinner for us and keeping us safe on the boat and I am happy that I learnt more knowledge about ship for example when it was built and I’m also grateful for having a place to sleep.


Today I woke and made breakfast for everyone and went up to the deck I was tired but helped pull some ropes and I did not do anything else because I was sick so I did hear the teamwork behind me and we took a walk which I found fun and got drink to eat with my dinner. Today I learned how do the elephant ears loop thing and id kinda learn how to stir the ship it was hard to do because there was a lot of waves. Im soo grateful the people that I came with me in this tip and the people that helped me when I was sick and the food they made for everyone also most important god that  im still here ok and healthy.


Today I woke up ate breakfast and went on a jog with Mr Sinclair and my friends then later on I climbed the sail I was really scared but I overcame my fear of heights and  tried my  hardest to go as high as I could with my friends encouraging. I learned that if you are scared of something you should put your trust into someone and they will help you overcome it and also learnt that if you try your hardest to overcome something then you will be able to persevere. I am grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip with my friends and have this much fun and learning that I can do much more than I think I can as long as I try hard and don’t give up


Today I woke up and ate breakfast then after I went on a good but long jog with mr Sinclair then later on I climbed the main sail which I was determined to reach the top but I couldn’t because it was a bit to high up for me but the view was quite nice. Today I learnt that my body is very important to look after at a young age because if you don’t you will regret it when your older. I am grateful for being able to actually work this boat manually with a bit of teamwork and I’m  glad that I didn’t fall inside the water and the crew kept me safe and I’m also grateful that I’m Around nice people.


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