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CH1 & CH3 – St Vincent College – XF240416

By Ellie Crowson - April 17th, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

A mixed group from St Vincent College have joined us for a 2-night voyage. Some young people on board have never been sailing before, so this will be a great experience for them to develop personal and teamwork skills as well as their confidence and self-esteem.

Day 1

CH1, Tuesday 16 April

Challenger 1

Today we met at college around nine o’clock. Some people’s parents dropped them off, we all had lots of stuff. We got the Gosport ferry across to Portsmouth and then met the boats and their crew. Our skipper was called Terry. We got our foul weather gear which were red jackets with yellow hoods and trousers that were really comfy because they came up to your middle. We also got our lifejackets.

After a pasta lunch, we set sail for Cowes. Stephen was on the helm, and he steered the boat. We got our head sail up which was very hard work. We even saw a huge container ship.

Once we got to Cowes, green team put the boat to bed while red team made a delicious chicken curry. After dinner we all shared our best parts of the day, I found it really hard to pick just one because it was all so good!

Fingers crossed for another fantastic day tomorrow!

Day 2

CH1, Wednesday 17 April

The morning started with bacon rolls that we prepared the night before.

After breakfast we got all our gear on and went up to the main deck to prepare the boat for sailing.

We got all the ropes and fenders back onto the boat to depart from Cowes harbour. we put 2 headsails up today and we set sail toward the Needles then we practised some tacking which went really well  then we had lunch and then turned around toward Cowes harbour.

Then when we arrived in Cowes and docked and tidied the boat we went ashore to look in the shops and walk around also went to the beach to look at the horizon

Then we walked back to the boat and took off our gear some of us went to the showers and some of us stayed and played uno while making dinner which was fish and chips with peas  then we had thank you cakes for the crew and us

The captain and crew thought the cake and card was really nice and it was felt really nice to  get the card and cake for the crew

Joey Pogson and Cameron Peake

Day 2 & 3

CH3, Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 April

On Tuesday we set sail from Gunwharf to the isle  of Wight for a very good 2 day break with the tall ships people who have helped us become safer when in and around the boat. They have helped us learn what different things on the ship are used for and how to use them safely

We’ve learnt some new independent skills.

Today we’ve learnt and followed instructions on how to put sails up.

We’ve been shown how to look after ourselves and the other crew members on-board

It’s been a very exciting experience and everyone has done very well and should be very proud of themselves for achieving some new goals.

Steve and Alex

Everyone has had a turn steering the boat, Kai and Evie did really well keeping clear of other boats.

“I loved it” said Kai

The crew have helped cook the food. Alex was on sausage cooking tonight and we had fish and chips.

The weather has been a little bit windy but lots of sunshine too.

Morgan said “ I’ve had a good day and I liked pulling the ropes to hoist the sails. It was hard work!. I liked the steering too. Paul helped me.”

Bethan has enjoyed steering the boat. Bethan has also learnt how to tie knots and tie the fenders on, Charmaine has loved the sun deck!

A really successful day.

Love from all on Challenger 3

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