The Tall Ships Cat is a a fantastic vessel for beginner sailors as she is very stable and there is plenty of room on board to move around. A Tall Ships adventure is a unique hands-on experience. You will become an important part of the vessel’s crew. This involves more than just the sailing – it will also include food preparation, maintenance and cleaning.


With a large airy seating area (known as a saloon), the Tall Ships Cat feels spacious down below. There are four cabins with two comfy bunks in each one. There are four toilets (heads) and a kitchen (galley).


Tall Ships Cat can take up to 12 crew members:

  • Skipper 
  • Mate
  • Watch Leader and Youth Mentor
  • Up to 10 Voyage Crew (that's you!) 

You will always have a Skipper and Mate on board but you may not have a Watch Leader or a Youth Mentor, depending on the type of voyage. 


Due to being such a stable platform, the Tall Ships Cat is very safe and perfect for sail training and is Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Category 2 certified (meaning she has the equipment and capability to be sailed up to 60 miles from a safe haven).

All voyage crew undergo thorough safety training and vessel familiarisation before setting sail. Lifejackets with integral harnesses and good quality waterproofs are provided. Codes of conduct are in place and our sailing staff will ensure a positive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere is maintained throughout the voyage.


Download the Tall Ships Crew Handbook which will tell you everything you need to know.

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