Entry One

Today, we all embarked on our journey to Cowes from Portsmouth. It all started with safety briefing and then a buffet of lunch set up by our skipper, Sue.

After Lunch, we thoroughly prepped the boat and then motored out of the harbour before quickly hoisting the Yankee, Staysail and main sails. In order get ready for the big race day, our afternoon consisted of several gibes and tacks, to get us all working smoothly together and a MOB drill.

After a tiring but successful training session, we dropped sail and motored into Cowes where we berthed for the night. This was followed by fajitas and a quick trip to the local Sainsbury’s, and then we all grabbed our imaginary popcorn and watched the lightning overhead behind the clouds.

All in all, a great day of sailing and drinking multiple cups of tea on Challenger three.