Entry One 

We came from hullon a two hour bus and we stoped for lunch on the way. when we got to the bout and intrugust our selfs and ate biskits we learnt how to do our life jacket and to use the bout we whent to bed at nine and we walked round liverpoolnd I whent on the high wheel and gotsome food.

Entry Two 

Yesterday we set off to Campbelltown from Liverpool. Our nightshifts were dark and cold. We worked 4 hours on and 4 hours off for 24 hours. For most of us it was our first time on a boat so it was a scary experience but we got used to it. We cooked tea and started working again. The sea was calm but the boat rocked about from side to side all night. When we arrived at campbelltown in Scotland we all went to sleep for 6 hours and woke up to the sun in campbelltown.

George gowans

Entry Three 

Today we wake up and then got ready had some breakfast and then we went for a walk around town and then we played rugby and went swimming  came back and made tea then we had to mark a map to figure out were we wanted to go tomorrow and how long it would take to get there.

James noz dog

Entry Four 

As soon as we woke up, we had breakfast. After that we sailed to holy island and did a competition with the stay sail and George got the best time 6 seconds. After that we had lunch and then went swimming in the sea. We sailed yet again to Inverkip and we had pasta bake for tea. we took the dingy in the sea and paddled around for a little while. After that we sat around the table and teamed up for a game of black jack (uno). After that we played a few more games of singles blackjack before getting in our bunks and going to sleep.

Entry Five 

We go up and had bacon sandwick then we planed to  go holy loch marina then we played rugby with rob and kiern it was good fun. then we come back to the boat then had takeaway we al had pizza and chip.