Entry Seven 

We got up at 8 and ate a very nice breakfast. Then we prepared the sails on deck and headed back from Poole to Portsmouth. Starting off with the engine and the mizzen we got on our way Then we put up the genoa. On our way we saw the needles of the Isle of Wight and saw hydrofoil catamarans (Sail GP) flying through the water. After arriving in Portsmouth at 4 PM and putting the sails in their covers we started scrubbing the deck and packing our bags. Waiting for dinner, we chilled in our cabins and on deck.


Entry Six 

We woke up at 8:00am and ate our breakfast. The breakfast consisted of different kind of cereals. After breakfast we brushed our teeth. We also prepared the boat for leaving Weymouth and to head to Poole. There was a lot of wind today so we didn’t need the engines. A lot of wind also means big waves, we managed to arrive at Poole 2:30pm (safe and sound). After we arrived we could go ashore from 15:00pm till 17:00pm. When we got back on the bout about rules of the road. In this lesson we needed to draw a boat and use this for scenes that could happen on sea. While we had the lesson Steve (the mate) cooked dinner, it was the best meal yet. The meal consisted out of sausages and burgers, potatoes and vegetables.


Entry Five 

We got up at half past five to make an early start, so that we weren’t fighting the tide. We left at six oclock. At six twenty five we hoisted the mizzen sail. We then had brekky, although few people ate it because the boat was bumpy. Because of the rough sea lots of the crew got seasick. At eight fifty five we hoisted the genoa. An hour later the wind dropped significantly enough for us to need to drop the mizzen and reef the genoa, we did this because the sail wasn’t filling. At ten past one we dropped the genoa completely because we were close enough to Weymouth. Once we were even closer we dropped the main sail. Half an hour later we docked up in Weymouth. We then found a tacky souvenir. Theo taught us point of sail too and about fire. 


Entry Four 

Waking up at 8.00, had a 20 min lie-in J we then rowed in the dingy which was like 6/10 experience (it woke me up though), we then prepared breakfast and had a 20min convo about MOB (man over board) we all so discussion on flares, after that we made lunch, pizza pockets (best meal yet). We did not sail today as we sailed all day yesterday and was very exhausting. So we walked round Brixham for 2hrs.

Overall average day

Minnie x

Entry Three 

Today I got up and had a bagel for breakfast. Afterwards I was on cleaning up duty and had to wash up after breakfast was finished with my watch. Then we had to get the deck ready to go sailing and also helped check an engine with help from Arnaud.

Afterwards we had a quick chat about charts, what the colours mean for sea depths and also the land because of what’s at sea level. Then we had a look at what we have left to cover on the Competent crew course that we are doing.

At 10.15 we left Weymouth to head to Brixham. On the way across we put the sails up and played secret spy. All not everyone passed their test and were found out.

Then we arrived at Brixham at 18.05. Now the other watch are preparing dinner of veg fajitas with mince separate before showers later


Entry Two 

We got up at 8:00 and ate breakfast soon after. We then prepared to leave Yarmouth marina. We put the mizzen up and sailed on the motor for about 4 hours. Then we got into some choppy water for less than 10 minutes. It came suddenly but was over quickly. We turned off the engines and put up the remaining 3 sails which we left up for about 3 hours. Then we took all of them down And saw the huge Black Pearl Superyacht before we entered Weymouth harbour.


Entry One 

Once everyone had arrived at CAT 203, everyone introduced themselves, include the skipper, mate and the two volunteers. Then the skipper (Lindsey) and the mate (Steve) ran a safety briefing. This encompassed the description of where various items live. After that, we were all shown how to put on our lifejackets; then we cast off to get underway to Yarmouth during which people who wanted, had a go at helming. We arrived in Yarmouth at 18:20 and docked successfully.