Entry One 

We were told to arrive at 10 am on Friday morning. We dumped our bags in our ….. Well let’s just say… basic cabins. Then we were introduced to our skipper Lindsey, our mate Sam, and our watch leader Nevil. Fortunately for us it was nearly one to one as there was only 4 of us. We sat down in the main cabin where we received a safety briefing and a tour of the whole boat. We changed into our wet weather gear and fitted our life jackets. We cast off the boat from its mooring and motored out to the Solent. After that we rigged the mizzon and the stay sail and started our journey to Yarmouth. About half way we partly unfurled the Genoa and learnt how to gybe and tack with it using the winches. After that we dropped the sails and furled the Genoa and headed into Yarmouth harbour for the night.

Theo, Dan, Toby & Josiah