Entry One

We went sailing bruv it was mad cuzzy my guy josh n will yeah are my boys you get me. I really liked my sail and my fish and chips I also liked the sailing init its bare fun I’ve been here before yeh but I like der guy Terry he’s a don lad . no way bro this is already a sick trip no lie just having so mad times listening to sick tunes ( avasi bruv )  n chilling with my g’s will n josh . The views have been sick if you get what I mean. The rest is gonna be pure bants bro. living the lush life.

Entry Two

Yo so basically me and the lads had a fat night out in Weymouth just chilling in that. Went around town meeting da locals. ( josh ) “my brother kicked my phone into the harbour” sad times. We caught the fattist fish ever bro it was huge and the crab was. Starting the fishing adventures. The fish n chips was peng.

Entry Three

The chaps and I had a jolly good sail today, the food and beverages have been truly exquisite. We were overly enthralled as we gazed upon some aquatic species of animal, namely, aquatic doggos. The nautical voyaging has been rather demanding, on the contrary, a spiffing time was had by all upon this magnificent mode of sea transport. To round it all of, our brillo chap Ian and the chaps prepared a top notch din dins of indian cuisine, washed down by some delicious beverages, how scrumptious. Quite a day we’ve had here!