Day 4

We awake after a good night’s sleep to a calm and peaceful Portsmouth morning. The showers were warmly received by all. We ventured to the Tesco in Gunwharf Quays, where there were the usual attempts to buy contraband.

We then set sail for the lovely pink houses of Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately we saw no actual cows. What we did see was lots of nice little shops in a calm coastal town.

Some of us created a new gang called the Sarong Squad – it was Chloe, Kai, Matt and Josh, and they received many curious looks from the local townsfolk. Maybe the look will start to catch on in Cowes and when we return, everyone will be wearing them.

We had a lovely barbeque on a pebbly beach in front of the pink houses. The only sad note was when Chloe let fall her vanilla ice cream cone – she even lost the flake! Sad times.

One of the highlights of the evening was catching a beautiful rainbow hued mackerel. Jim swiftly beheaded the creature, and within minutes, Sue had filleted and cooked it. It was really good you know. But that was just main course to a main meal that included calm carrots, magic mash, sizzling sausages and sexy gravy. Everyone was happy and tired and many crazy laughs could be heard across the water.

Chloe, Kai & Jim

Day 3

The day started with a bacon roll and with everyone sitting around the table.

We went on an excursion to the little town to get an ice-cream and a drink. Chloe had bubble-gum and it went down her socks and shoes. Harrison had a mocha which ended up on his trousers most of the time and he said,” this is why I have not had an ice-cream for two years because it gets everywhere and it is sticky”.

After our excursion we all had an opportunity to climb up the mast to the top. Harrison, Kai, Jim, Matt and Sheila climbed to the top. Sheila was very scared and accidently swore. The view from the top was fantastic and was definitely worth the effort.

The ship was anchored off Stokes Bay about 10 metres deep. There was a lot of jumping in the sea while Chloe with the help of Harrison completed the blog.

Day two

 It was a good day. After a short night’s sleep, we were awoken at 7.30. The rumbling engine made the crew jump from their beds.

We anchored off of Osbourne Bay, Isle of Wight in perfect weather. After a cloudy morning the sun shined on us as we prepared to take a leap of faith. First in the sea was the nimble Harrison, diving to the depths. Jim the maniac flipped into waves and swam for his homeland, but he was called back by Freddie who was about to bomb the Solent. When he smacked the surface it began a tidal wave that scared all the island beach goers.

Louise was next to gracefully leap into the deep blue. Clearly she was descendant from mermaids.

On the fishing front we caught some nice bits of seaweed and Kai managed to cast the whole reel into the sea because he had made a bird nest of the line. The lb15 bass still awaits us, and tomorrow it will be on our hook.

The showers in Lymington were a little on the warm side, but they were still acceptable. They were so hot that Freddie nearly fell asleep, but Harrison managed to keep him awake with his constant jabbering.

Chips were served for the crew for dinner; they were okay but lacking in salt and vinegar. Freddie and Jim like enough vinegar to burn their eyes.

Day one

We left Portsmouth in hot and sunny weather. Laziness was of the essence, with people laying on the decks and refusing to lift a finger.  But soon, we were under way. The wind was in the sails and our spirits soared.

Louise was sunning herself on the foredeck, excited to commence such an adventure. Who knows what experiences await her? Chloe emerged from the dark cabin wearing a fetching red top.

Harrison sprang into action. He ripped off his shirt showing the admiring crew his rippling muscles. ‘He actually does have muscles’ exclaimed Chloe. Harrison was soon wearing a rather tight harness and his voice became a little high pitched. Without fear, he dangled from the side of the boat sharks snapping at his heels. As soon as they saw his muscles, they swam away in fear. With superhuman dexterity and coordination, Harrison had soon tethered the boat to the mooring buoy just outside Cowes. We were safe to chow down on shark fajitas.

Tomorrow we hope to find a corner shop, so we can get a sugar rush with all kinds of sugary snacks. But Jim will not allow it.

 Chloe Wiseman, Harrison Price, Louise Sparrowhawk