Entry Six

We sat down at the table to talk through navigation and buoy signals and how we distinguish them from each other. At 9 o’clock darkness fell and we set off on our journey back to Portsmouth. Everyone had a go at helming (stirring), then at 11:15pm half of the crew went below deck to get ready for bed. However the other half of the crew and the staff stayed up on deck to steer into Portsmouth harbour and moor up for the night. 12pm, everyone was in bed, not a single noise could be heard. 

Entry Five 

Today we awoke to find we had not drifted to far lands and that our anchor was still held firmly. Then we went swimming after we had breakfast. First we had to inflate the dinghy. After that we took turns to jump in to the cold water of Studland bay. Once our quick swim/jumping in was finished we prepared for our calm motor sailing across to the needles and into Osborne bay where we anchored to eat our dinner - yum. Next we motored back to Portsmouth under the cover of darkness (we tried our hardest to be sneaky – they never saw us coming).

The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entry Four 

As the sun rose, we got the deck prepped for a day of calm sailing. We ran downwind for most of the voyage, so we had to put the boom out with the preventer line to stop it from swinging back and forth. As we got closer to Poole Bay, we did a man-overboard drill to earn our Nautical Skills Lvl.3 badges. We anchored at Old Harry rocks at 5 o’clock and spent the late afternoon relaxing, playing games in the saloon or reading on the deck, followed by Indonesian-style beef curry, expertly made by Gary.

Entry Three 

Today we woke up in Poole and had a breakfast of toast and cereal; after that we prepped the deck for sailing. After that we set sail out of Poole and we had a little breeze but not as good as yesterday so we had to motor sail. W`e then tacked out and sailed all day until we got to Weymouth and waited a bit before we went into the harbour and moored up then had dinner and went to the fun fair then went to bed

The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entry Two 


We woke up in cowes, isle of white. We got ready and had breakfast. Once we had ate breakfast we haged on the sails and prepared the boat for a long voyage , sailed from cowes to poole. As we left the port in cowes, put up yankee 3, the smallest jib. Once the sails were up we had to tac (turning the boat so it can zig zag into the wind) from the port to the English channel. We had an amazing sight on our journery, two catamarans flew past us from either side, it was accidental that the skipper had to make last minute decisions for there was no way out. It was hard to eat lunch safely for the wind were strong and leaning the boat to one side. Finally at 8pm, we morded up at poole and went to bed.

Entry One 

Today we arrived at portsmouth after a long journey with really loud music.  Once we arrived we had to wait a long time as we were early. Once we were aloud on the boat we had to have a safety briefing  we had a talk on deck about all the things above deck. Once we had finished that we UNPAKED OUR STUFF.we then waited in the marina for a long time because it was to windy to sail. We then motord acoss the solent to cowes. It was quite fun but it would have been better if we could of sailed we then mored and and had dinner and then the washereuper washed up in 7 minuets then we sat down to write the blog after that we had a nice steamy shower then we went to bed

The end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!