Entry One 

We arrived at 1 pm and were introduced to our boats straight away. Some thought the boats were big others small. It’s only been 8 to 7 hours and we have already adjusted to the boat however we still have not been in our bunks yet, which we have mixed feelings about (they are perfect size however they look uncomfortable un-sturdy). We took part in a dinghy race and we came 2nd out of the 4 boats. We finished having the dinner we made for sixteen people (stirring the pot was very difficult)Now we are chilling and heading off to bed at 9:30 pm.

Entry Two

West India dock to Queenborough

Today we started by adventuring around the island for a short period of time. One crew member was injured on shore by accidentally walking into the pontoon gate. Then Challenger 4 waited while the other ships left (we had to wait for a member to come back). Eventually we set off with many sails. This journey was windy but smooth as we had covered a lot of distance (175NM) between the other challengers. When the day had passed we had a great sight of the sun setting down and the stars shinnying the clear sky. The watch groups had took 3 hour shifts during the night.

Entry Three 

Queenborough to Cowes

Today we woke up at 6 30 am. We enjoyed it a lot however most of us were feeling sea sick and tired as we was awake for most of the night. Starboard and Port watch took it in turns to do a night watch and we also got to steer the boat with the big wheel which was bigger than little Reggie. We used the stars to steer the boat in a straight line. When we woke up most of us were sea sick and also very tired. After we had lunch which was jacket potatoes with tuna and sweetcorn or with beans and cheese. However most of us did not eat as we were sick. After we arrived at Cowes and we had fish and chips for dinner.