Entry Three 

Today, we woke up at 0750. We got dressed ready for the day and had breakfast which was cereal. After we ate our breakfast we all set on a journey from Weymouth (09.23) and we arrived at Poole (1545). Everyone’s moods during the journey where very good because it wasn’t as choppy (not as rough as yesterday as we were reaching 30 degrees while sailing in the rough seas by Poole and Weymouth) so most people aboard the ship/voyage where not sea sick. We went for a walk around Poole and bought some sweets and then it was time to cook dinner. Dinner was a curry and was sic. Then it was time for showers and chill time. However tomorrow we have to wake up at 7:00 and we have to do an 8 hour journey back to Portsmouth. SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!


By Levi and Hannah


Entry Two 

Today we stayed ashore because of the weather so we went into Weymouth town and we went into the shops, bought some sweets/souvenirs and we also went swimming while it was raining down the sea front by the harbour/port of where we are staying, however everyone is in good spirits as we are going to Poole tomorrow and it will not be as rough as yesterday and the wind will be behind us so hopefully no sea sickness will happen!!!!!!!!!


By Levi

Entry One 

We got to the boat at one, it was moored at Gunwharf quays, and we set sail at 2. It was a horrific day with whirling winds and torrential rain for our whole time at sea. That was the reason why we didn’t put the sail up. We made it into the port at Hamble at 4, all very wet and cold. In the evening we had a tour of the boat, and its safety features and separated into two watches. Supper was delicious and cooked by Ed.

By Dominic and Henry