Entry Four 

Bacon was booming in the galley this morning. Taking inspiration from Spiderman, we hoisted each other sky high through the clouds to the top of the mast. Selfies were taken, phones were not dropped and destroyed.  After the world’s best soup, we left Poole on the voyage’s sunniest day so far. The Needles, downwind this time, were approached. If a game of Challenger 4’s got Talent were to be played, Karenza would win, due to her firm and aspirational shouting of ‘Tacking’. After a lesson of boat parts from Sophie and knot tying with strawberry laces, we landed in Warsash. A smashing curry fuelled the attack of the snakes, where we tidied the snake pit.

By Aron, Liam and Amy

Entry Three 

Today, we finally began sailing. We woke early (ish) with high spirits before finding out how much manual work we had to do. All of those sails are quite heavy! At 9 o’clock, we set off for the coastal city of Poole. Unfortunately, Cowes Week is this week and we had to take evasive action. Soon enough, we had cleared these daredevils and met with the open sea past the Needles. It was “quite” rough and our first few cases of seasickness occurred. Luckily, we have now arrived safely in Poole and had a hearty Sunday dinner of pork chops, potatoes. And carrots. This was followed by apple pies and custard, which was yummy.

By Robert, Thalia and Molly

Entry Two 

What a day! Frosted flakes were decided the best cereal ever. Secondly we learnt how to survive this mysterious adventure to come (fixed life jackets). We were christened with knowledge from the sailing bible. Whether we could sail or not was dependent on the weather. No sailing today as we recorded up to 49 knots. After a thrilling story session by Steve, we swung to the cinema, raring to watch none over than a Marvel Rom Com. Winching lessons were followed by a ruthless quiz. Wriggling and striving about the galley like the noodles in the pan, Omega watch knocked it out the park! To conclude, we set sail tomorrow!

By Aron, Liam & Amy

Entry One 

We boarded Challenger 4 with both physical and emotional baggage. After a short introduction to our crew mates for the next 5 days, we were given the infamous tour of the homely vessel both inside and out, following a few horrifying stories of the ‘interesting’ loos, we attempted to unpack what little we’ve brought which posed for more of a challenge than anticipated. Team bonding proceeded with an intense game of UNO which soon turned into a championship for the following week. Admittedly, some of us more than others, struggled to recreate the Clove hitch and the Bowline knot which safe to say, did not ‘tie’ us down. Dinner consisted of a classic coastal Cod and Chips. Safe to say we were more than satisfied with the half relaxing day.

By Thalia & Ben