Day 1 (Monday 25th)

When I woke in the morning, I excitedly went to meet at the youth centre. We waited for the coach and in the mean time, we were playing games. Not long after the coach arrived, we got on the coach and started our LONG journey. After the 3 hour road trip, we finally arrived at Gunwharf Quays. Once we arrived, we were tired and hungry, so we went to Tesco to get food. After we ate, we met Chas who guided us to the boat. Once we got on the boat, we were all excited. The staff gave a boat tour and safety briefing, showing how things work and they also gave us safety gear (life jackets, waterproof clothing, etc.) Once the run through of the boat was done, we put on our safety gear, ready to set sail!

While sailing, we were practicing how to tie different knots so we could properly tie on the fenders. I wanted to try to steer the boat so I asked Guy Waites (skipper) if I could give it a go and he said sure! I excitedly went to the steering wheel and started to steer with Guy's help. By the time I knew it, we had arrived at our destination of Cowes. We then docked and went inside to cook dinner. We all helped in some way to prepare the meal, it was fun working with each other. We made Chicken Fajitas and it tasted great! Once we'd had dinner, we all cleaned up and got ready to sleep. I had great fun today, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow! As one says, ‘yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and that’s why we call today the present.

Day 2 (Tuesday 26th)

Today was a challenge, but we persevered. We made it through the choppy waves of the sea. We worked as a team and had a laugh, the crew was a little sick but we made amends with what we had to do. The ropes were tugged and pulled while we worked together as one to get the boat on the move. I, Nicole and Hannah helmed the ship, Hannah’s navigation skills got us through the difficult route.

Continuing on from what what Nicole said, today was very challenging as we got to experience large, sharp waves which got us all seasick for the first time this week, not only were there people being sick up-top, but there were more sick people downstairs too, trying their best to hold on to something as well as balancing themselves. Balancing being something people may struggle with, today was the day to get better at it.