Entry One

We started our journey in Portsmouth harbour and sailed to cowes, it took us an hour and a half. When we got there my watch made fajitas and they were delicious. Starboard watch cleaned up after. Then me and Mikaela went to have showers and came back. After that, we came back to make our bunks. They look very small but Sharon said they are comfy. Most of the people are up on deck taking pictures right now.

Millie and mikaela

Entry Two 

Today we started in Cowes and went shopping and stocked up on our sweets. We walked back to the boat then prepared breakfast. After leaving Cowes we started to put the sails up it was tough. During our sail to Yarmouth we put up the main sail and the boat started to list due to the wind. We then learnt to tac which makes one side of the boat tilt.  Then we had a challenge #manoverboard. A few hours later we put the sails down as there was not enough wind to take us to Yarmouth so we used the motor of the boat. Finally we got to Yarmouth and anchored down and then we prepared lunch #cornishpastesandbeans. For dinner we had pasta with onions and peppers and mince. Now we are preparing for bed at quarter to 10 at night thx for reading

Written by lee hunt and Adam Nicholas.