We are in desperate need of new sails for our fleet. We've patched them up a few times but now we need to replace them. Our Challenger yachts are working at full capacity right now, so we are putting a lot of pressure on them to deliver. The wear and tear on the sails is immense. We need to replace them so we can continue our valuable work with disadvantaged young people.

Every penny we have to spend on the sails means less money available for bursaries to get young people out on the water; the reason we exist!   

How you can help 

As a charity, we have a duty to spend as much of our money as possible directly on the young people we serve. 

Right now, one Challenger will need new sails within the next two months and a second Challenger will need replacements not long after that. 

That means we need to raise around £40,000.

It goes without saying therefore that we really do need your support to make this happen.

Why sails?

Whilst sails are a fundamental part of a sailing vessel, they are also a critical part of the work we do with young people. Hoisting and setting sails, adjusting and tuning them, lowering and stowing them - all require hard work, communication and team work from the young people on board and help them learn life skills that can't be taught in a classroom. They are at the heart of our work.   

Please help our summer program run smoothly with a small donation and help our campaign reach far and wide by sharing with your friends, family and colleagues.